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David Chen: Burning the fields before the election

By mass upzoning most of Vancouver, this takes away the financial risk to developers to create high-density housing and it will sacrifice huge amounts of developer fees needed to build community amenities like community centres and green spaces.


VIFF 2018: Carmen and Lola

Perhaps the most telling detail of Carmen and Lola, a competent, detailed portrait of adolescent awakening in the giant closet of a Spanish gitanos community, is how Lola and Carmen talk to each other.


VIFF 2018: At War

Ruthless in exposing the pathologies of corporate culture and the fatuousness of its defenders (and its victim-enablers), Stéphane Brizé’s red-blooded drama is structured as a series of conflicts that lead to that final showdown.


VIFF 2018: The Sisters Brothers

Jacques Audiard’s new western starts disorientingly in the dark, with a few shouts before you make out the orange burst of gunfire in the night.


God Help Me x2

Yesterday was a bad day. Today was kinda good but bad as well. I got my phone working again. My...


Black dress beauty Saturday night at the...

You were sitting at the booth close to the door with your blonde friend. You were wearing a...