Reggae Yoga returns with a supply drive for the Downtown Eastside Women's Centre

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      If you made it to last month's edition of Reggae Yoga, you'll know that there's something magical about doing sun salutations on the floor of a dance club.

      Between the deep base, positive lyrics, and soul-shaking vibrations courtesy of Fortune Sound Club's Funktion One sound system, it's a yogic experience that might make you want to abandon your studio practice entirely.

      If that's not enough, Reggae Yoga is also a great opportunity to give back, build community, and empower each other through movement and music, according to veteran instructor Danielle Hoogenboom.

      This month, she and DJ Tank Gyal will bring Sound Salutations back to the venue for an evening of vinyasa and yin yoga and reggae music that will benefit the Downtown Eastside Women's Centre. (Some might already be familiar with Thursday Ting, Tank Gyal's weekly reggae night at the Waldorf, which just celebrated its 10-year anniversary.)

      The duo has been producing similar by-donation events every few months for the last three years, each time with a different charitable cause in mind.

      "We really wanted to focus on the DEWC because they're in the same neighbourhood as the venue, and we really want to amplify their work," Hoogenboom told the Straight last week. 

      "They do some really important work with women and children in the Downtown Eastside, and they're looking for a lot of different products right now to support the community."

      On the DEWC's list of items are rain gear and other women's clothing, toiletries, socks, undergarments, menstrual supplies, first aid supplies, luggage and more. (Check out the full list here.)

      Those who are unable to bring items to donate are encouraged to bring cash donations. 

      "The reason we push donations is because we've been doing this for three years, and we've never made money, nor have we wanted to," Hoogenboom said.

      "We do it because we love the community building, and Fortune Sound Club has been good enough to donate the space." 

      But more than raising funds and supplies for an important community organization, Hoogenboom says Reggae Yoga is also about bring the "we" back to yoga.

      "We're trying to tell a new story about what yoga is and what yogis do," she said. "Sometimes yogis are all about 'me and my enlightenment', and I think we've got our letters mixed up. It should be about the 'we'."

      Entry to the event will be offered on a sliding scale, but guests are encouraged to be generous.

      Reggae Yoga: DEWC Edition goes down on Monday, December 4 at Fortune Sound Club (147 E Pender Street). Doors at 6:30 p.m., with class from 7 to 9 and music until 9:30 p.m. Find tickets here