Your horoscope for December 7 to 13, 2017

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      Mercury retrograde continues to December 22. It’s in Sagittarius, which is an appropriate sign for travel and for all that goes along with the festive season.

      By now you know the drill regarding Mercury retrograde: don’t assume or guess; double-check everything; pump up on safety measures (especially regarding travel, communications, and health); give yourself extra time to tackle it or to reach your destination. Sagittarius is an abundance sign, and ’tis the season to spend, no matter how much you try to rein it in. To the plus, the retrograde cycle is likely to see many of us opt to play up the spirit of the season rather than be led by the commercial hype.

      Forming positive aspects to Uranus (trine) on Saturday/Sunday, the sun (conjunction) on Tuesday, and Venus (conjunction) next Friday, Mercury retrograde could go easier on us this time around. The best you can do for yourself is to take it moment to moment.

      Mars leaves Libra for Scorpio on Saturday. Mars is more at home in the passion-play sign. For the next seven weeks, Mars takes it deeper, much deeper. In combination with Mercury in Sagittarius retrograde, it’s an appropriate time for soul-searching. What’s motivating you now? Have you got your sexy on? Do you have a strategy in place to support your next great adventure, your next power play? If you don’t have the game plan in place just yet, that’s okay. Know that an uncovering process is already under way.

      March 20 - April 20

      Whether its been long overdue or you’ve been recently stymied, Mercury retrograde can provide a fresh opportunity to get back into action. Despite the retrograde, now through the end of next week, you should see better progress. On the other hand, you may get extended time to figure it out better. Mars in Scorpio, starting Saturday, makes you sharper, sexier, and more resourceful.

      April 20 - May 21

      On the go again! You should find you can chase it or them down with better success. Too, you can resume the project or revisit the conversation and get more out of it this time. Even so, relationship-wise, you may have to adjust your high expectations. Overspending happens far too easily. Mars in Scorpio, starting Saturday, requires you to play it smarter.

      May 21 - June 21

      If you can get it all done in one place, visit, or conversation, great, but know that repeats and revisits are typical of Mercury retrograde. Try not to overcommit your time or wear out the credit card. Moderation is wise. Mars in Scorpio, starting Saturday, can help you to streamline effort and increase efficiency. Make health and healthy choices a priority.

      June 21 - July 22

      It can take longer to heal, fix it, or find a solution you can live with. Rather than get twisted about it, see it for the opportunity it is. Mars in Scorpio, starting Saturday, is an empowering transit for your sign. As of the new week, your options and communication tracks will improve. Overall, you should feel that you are making better inroads.

      July 22 - August 23

      If the start of Mercury retrograde has slowed you down, it won’t be for long. In fact, now through next weekend keeps you going full tilt. It’s the best week of the month to get on it or to meet up. Although the social activity continues, Mars in Scorpio, starting Saturday, switches your prior attention to home, family, and personal matters.

      August 23 - September 23

      Travelling home for the holidays? Mercury retrograde is good for revisiting places or faces. Allow extra time to get to your destination and to get the job done, too. The transit can sidetrack you temporarily or take you through another go-round. Try not to assume you’ll get more of the same. Sometimes those expectations are met; at other times, you could be surprised.

      September 23 - October 23

      Creativity and sponta­neity make the weekend entertaining. You could bump into or hear from someone out of the blue. Enjoy and spend more time, but keep tabs on your credit card. Money can go quickly. Mars leaves Libra on Saturday, but you’ll continue to feel it even more deeply and have even sharper radar while it tours Scorpio. Sunday through Tuesday, you’re on a roll.

      October 23 - November 22

      Mercury retrograde is ideal for a regroup, rethink, or top-up. You could stumble upon a better solution or gain a second chance to take it further or talk it out. More work can come your way; earnings can increase, but spending can too. Trust instincts and intuition. Mars in Scorpio, starting Saturday, boosts your energy, motivation, savvy, and sexy.

      November 22 - December 21

      Another check-in with yourself and a review of recent happenings is appropriate during Mercury retrograde. If you have any doubt about how to play it next, let the moment dictate. Now through the end of next week, the stars are optimized. Regarding activity, connecting, creating, and decision-making, the stars keep the dial-up on that right-time, right-place feel.

      December 21 - January 20

      Feeling swamped or overwhelmed? While you may have more of everything to contend with, for the most part the stars keep it rolling smoothly for this next week or so. If you are already off the hook, lucky you! You’ll have no trouble hitting the target once Mars enters sharp, shrewd, and sexy Scorpio on Saturday.

      January 20 - February 18

      Whether it is planned or spontaneous, expect to meet up with folks you haven’t seen for a while. Beyond socializing, travel, earning more, and spending more, Mercury retrograde could also spark a great idea or two or get something important off the ground. Explore, allow, don’t force. Each day through next Saturday holds good potential.

      February 18 - March 20

      While Mercury tours retrograde, you may need to revise your goals, rules, or expectations. Try to delegate more. Ease up on unnecessary pressure, worry, or running around. If you’ve lost steam, you’ll pick it up now. Mars in Scorpio, starting Saturday, along with great Mercury aspects over this next week, keeps it rolling well.


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