Ridge Salon and Spa fundraiser buys two vital-signs monitors for B.C. Children's Hospital

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      Some people manage to demonstrate the holiday spirit all year round.

      Take, for example, the owners of the Ridge Salon and Spa (2585 West 16th Avenue).

      The father and son team of Frank and Mike Rota decided this year to celebrate the 40th anniversary of their business with a fundraiser to benefit B.C. Children’s Hospital.

      So they encouraged their customers to donate to purchase equipment at the health-care facility, which has been serving families in their community for decades.

      “I just wanted to buy them something that would target a specific area,” Frank said in an interview with the Straight at his salon. “My customers were very generous.”

      They were able to raise $11,000, which was more than enough to pay for two vital-signs monitors for the hospital’s medical day unit.

      These machines monitor body temperature, pulse, breathing rate, and blood pressure.

      They also alert hospital staff to any change could indicate a serious health problem, such as an allergic reaction or cardiovascular problems.

      The chart on the wall of the Ridge Salon and Spa shows what the Rotas and their customers accomplished.

      It’s the third fundraiser that the Ridge Salon and Spa has done for B.C. Children’s Hospital. 

      One of the most memorable was back 2013 when fathers and sons agreed to have their heads shaved in the shop.

      As for cutting hair, Frank Rota has a straightforward philosophy.

      “Get an idea what the customer wants and just do it,” he told the Straight earlier this year. “Give the customer exactly what he wants. I don’t have to like the haircut.”