Your horoscope for December 28 to January 10, 2018

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      Hungover or not, extra caretaking is in order on New Year’s Day. The super full moon in Cancer could target a sensitive or vulnerable spot or trigger a much-needed release. Cozy up or cuddle up for the evening. Uranus ends its four-month retrograde tour on back-to-work Tuesday, January 2. The day could hold edginess or excitability, or be all over the map. Take it in stride.

      On Saturday, January 6, Mars teams up with Jupiter in Scorpio, Mercury trines Uranus, and the Virgo moon makes a host of planetary contacts. Get moving; seize advantage. It is an opportunity day. On a caution note, play it smart; avoid dangerous places, people, or drugs.

      Monday, January 8, and Tuesday, January 9, are auspicious for all official, professional, money, and relationship undertakings. Sun/Venus begin the next nine-month manifesting cycle. Sun/Venus are also drawing extra turbo from power planet Pluto and action planet Mars.

      The year 2018 brings three major planetary changes. If you are ready to work for it, Saturn, newly in Capricorn, will reward you with substantial results. During the next couple of years, Saturn will bring endings of great significance and simultaneously cement a new reality baseline. Uranus will give us our first taste of its eight-year transit through Taurus. Uranus in Taurus reinvents survival requirements and social and monetary value systems. (Yes, the Bitcoin and pot industries are lucrative investments.) We will also get our first taste of Chiron’s nine-year transit through Aries. Chiron’s message? Some things are worth fighting for, no matter what price must be paid up-front. Live your life brave and bold. Best wishes for the new year!

      March 20 - April 19

      With friends or on your own, New Year’s Eve is what you make of it. Noting the super full moon and the end of Uranus retrograde, the stars aren’t wasting any time getting 2018 launched and neither should you. Roll up your sleeves, put ambition to work, start building now. The year ahead can set you onto a substantial career- or wealth-building trajectory.

      April 20 - May 20

      Play it safe New Year’s Eve. New Year’s Day, sensitivity is greatly heightened. One way or another, January 6 sets big wheels in motion. The week of January 8 is optimized for all official undertakings, major overhauls, and fresh starts. You’ll have something more substantial to work with in 2018. A steadier, success-generating, build-it-better year lies ahead.

      May 21 - June 21

      A Gemini moon keeps you going strong New Year’s Eve. New Year’s Day, opt for no fuss/no work. As the week finishes out, Mars/Jupiter put work, renovations, wealth, or health on a major overhaul. January 8, Venus/sun marks an auspicious time to make a substantial investment or an official commitment, to sign a contract, launch a new business, start a family, et cetera.

      June 21 - July 22

      Whether or not New Year’s resolutions are your thing, the Cancer full moon makes you very aware that you are at a time-has-come threshold. You can’t turn back; the reality is already well under way. January 6 to 9 is optimized for getting a move on and/or taking it on. 2018 fast-tracks sweeping change. More and better is on the road ahead.

      July 22 - August 22

      Stay in or go out; New Year’s Eve is what you make of it. New Year’s Day, the Cancer full moon could oblige you into more than you’d prefer, but it’s still a good top-it-up day before heading back to the grind on Tuesday. The year 2018 is optimized for a professional, educational, health, and skills upgrade, as well as self-
      employment, downsizing, and investing in renovation projects.

      August 23 - September 22

      At work, playing it up, or ignoring it, New Year’s Eve delivers as expected. The Cancer moon on New Year’s Day takes the lid off emotions you’ve tried to hold back. January 6 is a full-steam-ahead, set-wheels-in-motion day. January 8, 9 are substantial for moneymaking, investing, banking, or working it out relationshipwise. Take charge; make it official.

      September 22 - October 23

      An evening out or in fits the entertainment bill for New Year’s Eve. New Year’s Day, you may feel emotionally or physically stretched but you’ll find a knack for doing what needs to be done, to make it good on all ends. January 6, 8, and 9 are auspicious for all official launches, especially regarding home, family, real estate, self- employment, and money matters.

      October 23 - November 22

      One on one or on your own does it right for you New Year’s Eve. New Year’s Day brings an end or sense of finality. Travel or feeling it out requires time and patience. January 6, Mars/Jupiter can set wheels in motion in some jump-start way. 2018 is a build-it-better, get-more-to-show-for-it year.

      November 21 - December 21

      Play it up or not, you’re well-entertained on New Year’s Eve. New Year’s Day, cozy up with one you love or give yourself some well-deserved time off. Uranus hits full steam ahead as of January 2; Mars/Jupiter do the same on January 6. Regarding financial security, relationship commitment, parenting, or a professional goal, January 8, 9 are auspicious dates to make it official.

      December 21 - January 19

      January 1, don’t go by should; go by feel instead. Although it’s important to take another’s needs or preferences into consideration, it must work for you, too. January 6, it’s full steam ahead. January 8, 9 set a momentous springboard for money/material, professional, or relationship matters. Lock it in, take it on, or lay it all on the line.

      January 20 - February 18

      With friends, your lover, or the TV, New Year’s Eve is mostly a smooth go. Added catering is in order on New Year’s Day. Uranus is back in full-tilt action as of January 2; Mars/Jupiter as of January 6; and Venus as of January 8, 9. There’s no time to waste and plenty to be gained.

      February 18 - March 20

      Home is a good place to be for New Year’s Eve. New Year’s Day, gift them with the best of you. January 2, hit the ground running. January 6, 8, and 9 are especially prime/lucrative for travel, action, sweeping change, breaking new ground, and goal-reaching. Launch it; go for it; invest big; make it real.

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