Kit and Ace opens one-time outlet at the Gastown flagship

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      If you’re struggling with your New Year’s resolutions already, might we remind you that Beyoncé has the same number of hours in a day as you do? If that sounds more intimidating than inspiring, we only say it because we, too, are in desperate need of a good jolt of self-motivation.

      There are things to do, people to see, and deals to be had.

      Take Vancouver’s favourite technical apparel store for example. It’s not resting on its laurels. They say that there’s no better time than the present to get moving. And Kit and Ace has taken that message and literally, ran with it—granted, not very far. The Gastown flagship is moving exactly two doors down to the left, to the left.

      Living by Kit and Ace code no. 37 that to create the next best thing, you may have to leave something you’re fully invested in, behind. And it just so happens that for Kit and Ace the next best is also the next door—but one.

      And its move is our gain. One door closes and an outlet opens.  Yes, ahead of the new store opening in February, Kit and Ace’s current location at 151 Water Street, will be hosting a one-time event from today (January 17) to January 28.

      The Gastown flagship at 151 Water Street, will be hosting an outlet from today (January 17) to January 28.
      Kit and Ace

      And, let’s be honest, there are few things us Vancouverites love more than an outlet. Especially if it allows us the opportunity for a New Year cleanse—so to speak. Out with the old and in with new! Absolutely everything from pants to mid-layers, swimwear, and accessories will be on markdown. And nothing gets us going like a good bargain.

      All prices will range from $18 to $68 with pants and sweaters under $48, and t-shirts under $38. And remember to bring your debit or credit card, as true to the store’s usual operations, payments can be made using card only.

      But if that doesn’t get you moving, then Kit and Ace’s great clothing surely will. All products are inspired by the technical properties we love in our performance clothes, but made to be worn all day, and look super-stylish as well. Talk about multi-tasking.

      Look out for some of the fantastic fabrics including the now well-known Technical Cashmere™, loved for its balance of warmth, breathability, and softness; or the double-knit, stretchy, and flattering Kaymace™. And the best part? Almost all Kit and Ace fabrics are machine-washable, meaning we don’t have to add a visit to the drycleaners to our long list of errands.

      If you had planned to kick start your year with more productivity, exercise, and feeling good, then Kit and Ace has you covered—literally. Imagine the comfort and practicality of being able to wear your gym clothes to work but without the judgment.  Clothes that say I’ve got my life together and I get stuff done.

      We’ve already picked out a few items that we hope to get our hands on at the outlet.

      Hooded Terry Zip Up
      Kit and Ace

      For the men, we’ll be snagging the which is tailored and lightweight making it perfect for layering. And the zip-up hoodie means it’s easy to take on and off while the Vancouver weather figures out what it’s doing.

      Powered Down Pant
      Kit and Ace

      We’ll also be indulging in the made from Technical Cashmere™ which makes them the ultimate lounge wear. The thick, elasticated waistband adds structure to the relaxed cut, should you decide to venture beyond the couch.

      On Repeat Pintuck Trouser
      Kit and Ace

      We’ll be making a beeline for the . These timeless pants will take you from season to season, from office to bar. Made from weighty Kaymace™ fabric with spandex and cashmere, these pull-on beauties are as easy to wear as they are on the eye. And they go with everything in our closet, which is a real plus. We’ll be pairing them with loafer for work and then slipping on some heels for the after-party. In fact, they are so versatile that we might invest in two pairs.

      The Technical Cashmere™ Bikini Brief is the ultimate luxury
      Kit and Ace

      Every great outfit starts with a good foundation. And surely there can’t be anything more luxurious than a pair of . In the category of things we didn’t know we needed but now we couldn’t live without, has got to be cashmere in our undies. This Kit and Ace pair are breathable, stretchy, and oh so comfortable. If it sounds like we’re being really extra, it’s because we’re channeling our inner Beyoncé. There’s a reason she gets so much done in a day, and we suspect it may come down to her luxury underwear.

      2018 we are coming for you. And we plan to (Kit and) Ace it!