Your horoscope for January 25 to 31, 2018

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      January began on a super full moon and will end on one, too. The second of two full moons in a calendar month is called a blue moon. More importantly, though, next Wednesday is a super full moon and also a total lunar eclipse. We haven’t had a total lunar eclipse since 2015. This year we will experience three.

      A lunar eclipse brings to the full light of day something that has been in development but that has not gained full awareness. A circumstance or relationship matter comes to fruition or to an end. Wednesday’s eclipse in Leo holds greater than average creative potency. The eclipse is aligned with Ceres, the mother goddess, suggesting that a particularly vibrant (re-)birthing season is upon us. Ceres being the goddess of agriculture, this eclipse is likely to activate a springboard/spring-forward time for speculation regarding the pot industry. Fortunes can be made or changed in a flash. Venus in Aquarius teamed up with the eclipse sun are likely to trigger lively action regarding the cryptocurrency market, social and market trends, political action, and the weather, too.

      It’s a high-tide eclipse, so be prepared for anything-goes, with added excitement, drama, surprise, volatility, or shock in the mix. Trends and great ideas can take off like wildfire. Mercury treks into Aquarius just a few minutes after the eclipse peaks. A sudden flash, inspiration, impulse, or news could jump-start you. An event, an announcement, or news could too. Quick thinking/haste is called for. Don’t miss your chance. Folks can burst onto the scene or take a sudden exit. They can leave the planet, too.

      March 20 - April 19

      Planning to travel or meet up with travellers? Mars in Sagittarius, starting Friday, sets life on the move. Expect everything to increase in size or importance. The next six weeks marks an expansion and growth curve of significance. Regarding matters of heart or wallet, Wednesday’s eclipse can be exceptionally opportune. News, the unexpected, or a special someone can surprise you. 

      April 20 - May 20

      It’s springboard time, perhaps suddenly or radically so. Speeding up the time line, watch for Venus, the sun, and next week’s full-thrust eclipse to bring your new reality to life. There is no better time than right now to take a risk on a brighter future. Start your new career or new life now. A big year lies ahead. 

      May 21 - June 21

      Mars in Sagittarius, starting Friday, puts maximum attention on what you are or are not getting out of activities and involvements. Intuition, social life, and key relationship matters gain a boost. Mars provides a better opportunity to observe yourself in action and to read between the lines. Next Wednesday’s eclipse can see you strike gold on a great idea, trend, or opportunity. 

      June 21 - July 21

      Friday begins the hunt for more and better. Check out what’s new; it could be good for you. The next six weeks puts more on the market. Mars enhances job prospects and fresh ideas; the coming weeks give more to work with and toward. Next Wednesday’s eclipse triggers the unexpected regarding finances, news, a special someone, or an out-of-the-blue opportunity.

      July 21 - August 22

      Mars in Sagittarius, starting Friday, sets you onto a go-get-do-and-have upswing. You’ll feel a boost of physical energy, too. Wednesday’s super-full-moon eclipse will be especially catapulting if you are born July 22 to August 8—but, of course, it’s a dynamic springboard eclipse for all. A key person, event, news, or sudden flash delivers the unexpected, perhaps exceptional.

      August 22 - September 22

      Mars on the move boosts your motivation and confidence. You’ll also gain greater insight and intuitive smarts from the transit. So much can change in the blink of an eye. Watch for something unexpected or for a key someone to overtake you. Next Wednesday’s super full moon can see you make a significant turnaround regarding health, a job, or a learning curve. 

      September 22 - October 22

      Money- or satisfaction-wise, Thursday is a stay-the-course, cash-in day. As of Friday, Mars sets the bigger scope into play. The transit sets the stage for next Wednesday’s auspicious super full moon. Along with Mercury’s trek into Aquarius, expect something or someone out of the blue—the opportune, perhaps even exceptional—to blow you away.  

      October 23 - November 21

      Mars leaves Scorpio for Sagittarius on Friday, but you’ll continue to receive full benefit. Mars enhances intuition and resourcefulness. Monday, go by feel. On brew a few days before Wednesday, watch for the super full moon to kick-start your next career or personal-life chapter, perhaps unexpectedly so. An immediate action or response makes all the difference. You could get singled out.

      November 21 - December 21

      One way or another, Friday puts you in the groove and on the move. Mars in Sagittarius boosts your physical energy, confidence, and can-do. Handle the weekend and the start of next week moment to moment. Wednesday’s super full moon can deliver a special event, happy news, an opportunity, or a special meet-up. Try your luck. Act fast; gain an immediate payoff.

      December 21 - January 19

      Thursday is smooth-running, profitable, and/or pleasing. Friday onward, invent it as you go along. Sunday onward raises the emotional barometer and so much more. Wednesday’s eclipse strikes flint on a financial or creative opportunity, a new passion, or a matter of heart. The sudden and unexpected is in the mix. Risk is as well.

      January 20 - February 18

      As of Friday, Mars in Sagittarius hits go on a new plan, project, goal, or reality. This six-week transit bodes well for financial gain and boosts social and educational opportunity. Now through next week, keep your schedule flexible and open; stay alert, ready, and game. Wednesday’s eclipse thrusts you into something sudden, unexpected, exciting, jarring, even life-altering.

      February 18 - March 20

      Starting Friday, Mars in Sagittarius loans wings to a goal, ambition, project, career, or financial prospect. Bringing something key or critical into your awareness and into reality, Wednesday’s eclipse can shatter a silence, produce a breakthrough of significance, or deliver a saving grace. A new job opportunity, answer, solution, or health or healing prospect could be in the works. 


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