WestJet launches discount airline Swoop with promotional prices, including flights from Abbotsford

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      After Calgary-based WestJet launched the schedule of its no-frills, discount airline Swoop today (February 1), Canadians have been snapping up seats due to ultra-low promotional prices.

      Flights will include service to and from Abbotsford, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Hamilton, and Halifax.

      Six weekly flights between Abbotsford and Hamilton will begin on June 20 while three daily flights between Abbotsford and Edmonton will begin on July 25. Out of a total of 45 weekly flights, 27 of them will be from Abbotsford.

      The first 2,000 seats sold out, as they were being sold for the promotional base-fare price of—believe it or not—$0, with customers only paying taxes and fees.

      Many of their introductory one-way base-fare prices (including taxes and fees) have also sold out, including Abbotsford to Hamilton ($7.50) and Hamilton to Abbotsford ($37).

      Still available until February 4 or sold out is Edmonton to Abbotsford ($39).

      Until February 7, introductory one-way prices are available for Edmonton to Abbotsford ($69), Abbotsford to Hamilton ($99) and Hamilton to Abbotsford ($99).

      After the base fare, customers pay fees for their seat and then add on features, such as movies, wi-fi, more legroom, snacks, and beverages.

      One small personal item can be taken aboard for free.

      Other carry-on items are subject to fees which vary according to whether the item is processed online ($36.75-$40.25), at the airport counter ($52.50-$57.50), or at the gate ($84.00-$92.00).

      Similarly, checking in your first baggage item varies, depending on whether it is done online ($26.25-$28.75), airport counter ($42.00-$46.00), or at the gate ($73.50-$80.50). There are further charges for additional baggage items.  

      Flights will be on Boeing 737-800 aircraft with 189 seats.