Relentless farter manages to bring down a commercial airplane, driving home one's failure as a professional

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      Let's face it--we all have dreams that sadly go unrealized.

      In the field of journalism, who hasn't gone to J school dreaming they'll one day get a definitive interview with Bono, Barack Obama, or Vince from the Slap Chop commercials?

      Or perhaps end up making a difference covering a war in Somalia, or breaking the story that finally brings a certain dayglo-orange-hued president down. 

      Most of the time those of us who write for a living are okay with the fact that our biggest aspirations will never come true. But every now and then along comes a story so powerful, the fact that we didn't write it stings like hell. 

      Which brings us to the story that's currently burning up Twitter. Depending on where you go, the headline is always different yet endlessly intriguing. Here's a sampling:

      • "Fart attack: Plane makes emergency landing after passenger refuses to stop breaking wind on flight" (From the International Business Times). 
      • "Fart Drama Forces Plane to Make Emergency Landing" (From The Cut)
      • "Passagiers slepen Transavia voor rechter na ’stinkvlucht’" (From De Telegraaf)

      Lines from articles we dearly wished we'd written include, from The Metro in New York: "A pilot made an emergency landing after a fight broke out over a passenger who allegedly refused to stop passing gas. Two Dutchmen sitting next to the flatulent passenger reportedly asked the man to stop, but he refused and continued to break wind aboard the Transavia Airlines flight from Dubai to Amsterdam Schiphol. The budget airline crew allegedly did not help the passengers after their complaints."

      And, from De Telegraaf, "Ze deden onder andere hun beklag over een oudere man die stinkende scheten liet."

      The plane was forced to land when the serial farter refused to squeeze his asscheeks together for even a minute, that leading to a fight onboard. 

      Sometimes you're in the right place at the right time with a pen and notepad. Most of the time, you have to live vicariously through others. Still, one can continue to dream. 

      Predictably, everyone on Twitter--including Russell Brand--is siding with the farter.