VanDusen Botanical Garden will unveil new destination for bird lovers

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      Sometimes, it seems Vancouver is going to the birds. Literally.

      In recent years, residents have gone caw-caw over elections for the official city bird, which is now Anna's hummingbird.

      Vancouver Bird Week attracts a huge number of feathered-friend enthusiasts to a multitude of events.

      And today, a home for the birds, a.k.a. the Backyard Bird Garden, will open at VanDusen Botanical Garden (5551 Oak Street).

      According to the Vancouver park board, the garden "supports the Vancouver Bird Strategy and Park Board’s Biodiversity Strategy by demonstrating how we can create habitat for birds with the right selection of plants to provide food, shelter and nesting opportunities".

      It will be unveiled at 10:30 this morning with an appearance by the official city bird that rules our roost.

      To celebrate the launch of the garden and Vancouver's love of birds, two children will receive free admission with each paying adult, senior, or youth at VanDusen Botanical Garden and the Bloedel Conservatory until March 29.

      Between August 19 and 26, bird experts from around the world will descend on Vancouver for the International Ornithological Congress.

      No doubt, they'll be as happy as a lark by all that our city has to offer.