Video: Cougar allegedly stalks man on Vancouver Island

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      Images of a cougar allegedly videotaped north of Campbell River are being seen around the world.

      According to a post on YouTube by She Hunts Productions, the big cat followed a man named Adam and "was definitely interested in eating him".

      The voice on the video below is a man saying he has a camera and no gun.

      He says he scared the cougar away three times, but it kept returning.

      "We estimated the cougar to be approximately 140 pounds," the post states.

      Watch this video of a cougar's pursuit.
      She Hunts Productions

      In spring and summer, young cougars sometimes  come in contact with humans when they leave their mother and find their own territory.

      According to the Discover Vancouver Island website, there are about 600 to 800 cougars on the island, "making it the highest concentration for this mountain lion in North America".

      Many live on the northeastern part of Vancouver Island where they prey on blacktail deer. Cougars can reach speeds of 70 kilometres per hour in short bursts and are very adept at climbing trees.