Filmgo Sales offers a treasure trove of unique pieces for your home

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      Eclecticism is back. And with it, there has been a real renaissance celebrating the quirky, individual, and diverse—particularly in the world of interiors.

      It’s about combining styles, colours, and prints in your home, to create something that’s new and original.

      Surround yourself by things that you love, even if it doesn’t accord with the traditional sense of matching your curtains to your walls to your carpet.

      It’s less likely that you’re going find your individuality by staying within the clearly marked lines and following the arrows —if you know what we mean.

      You should venture down the path less travelled, specifically Vancouver’s McLean Drive, the new location of , an 8,000-square-foot treasure trove of furniture, antiques, and even jewelry.

      “We have everything imaginable,” says owner, Roselle Bourgeois,

      “We sold an accordion yesterday,” she adds with a laugh.

      Bourgeois is an appraiser who has worked in auction houses and antique shops. And now she focuses her efforts and keen eye on sourcing cool, one-off pieces from estate sales, movie sets, as well as the consignment side of her business.

      One of the wonderful things about scoring at Filmgo is that you know you are investing in a unique piece that you’re not going to see anywhere else. Even better, you don’t have to speak “Ikean”—a language understood only to result in a guaranteed argument with your S.O.—to construct it from a flat pack.

      Filmgo Sales currently has seven antique sofas/love seats in stock starting at $195.
      Filmgo Sales

      While you can , a visit to the Filmgo showroom really allows your imagination to run wild. You find yourself making the realization that an illuminated globe is exactly what’s been missing from your lounge—and life.

      And we say “lounge” with intention because an open-plan living space no longer seems like the appropriate terminology. It’s amazing how quickly a room is elevated with the addition of a few key pieces.

      After all, no globe is complete without a leather armchair next to it. And a six-foot carved-wood bear. And a deer’s head staring from the wall in front of you.

      Oh just think of all the important decisions you’ll make as you stroke your cat and twirl your moustache with your antique-ring clad fingers! Are we being dramatic? Maybe. It must be the movie paraphernalia unleashing our inner actors.

      Filmgo has "everything imaginable" from large pieces of furniture to smaller items like this cool, antique radio.
      Filmgo Sales

      Filmgo proves that there’s new life to be found in something old. And that principle extends to the pieces you may have in your home already. Sometimes all it takes is a fresh coat of paint to completely transform an object.

      Drop by to check out Filmgo's new Annie Sloan area. Kristin will be happy to answer any of your paint questions.
      Filmgo Sales

      Thankfully, Filmgo is also a stockist of , which can be applied to almost any surface—including plastic, wood, and metal—without the prep work of sanding and priming. If you’re unfamiliar with what this stuff can do, we’d encourage you to Google it. We’ll see you in a few hours—you have been warned.

      At Filmgo Sales you're sure to find something that makes you feel like the star of your own movie set. Lights! Camera! Action!