Student-made, recyclable paper gowns once again get limelight at Oakridge Centre

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      Students from Langara College’s design-formation program are once again displaying their paper-gown creations at Oakridge Centre, though, unlike the silk, cotton, and chiffon garments showcased in the windows of nearby stores, these ones are produced using recycled craft paper, coffee filters, string, and other raw materials.

      Titled Brown Paper Couture, the annual exhibition spotlights the results of a semester-end project in the postsecondary program, which tasks students with crafting a haute-couture gown using modest items such as cardboard and thumbtacks. The 22 frocks are modelled after designer dresses that have appeared on runways in years past. 

      Alan Chan

      Previous creations have been inspired by Vivienne Westwood and Balenciaga, for example, while this year's selection offers eye-catching details such as Victorian-era ruffles, dramatic fringe, and scalloped skirts.

      “This is a prop building exercise in the exclusive retail-display-design course that utilizes the students’ own historical fashion research,” said Kevin Smith, an instructor in Langara’s design-formation program, in a media statement, “as well as exploration using the design process of iterations and project planning, alongside trial and error with the materials and techniques they devise to mimic the original dress.”

      The paper gowns will be on display at Oakridge Centre’s (650 West 41 Avenue) East Galleria until March 27. For more information about the exhibit, visit Oakridge Centre’s website.

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