Runway Radar: Camille Huang designs for the modern, ecofriendly bride with ECO Lia

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      By Hochi Huang

      Camille Huang uses fashion to express her affection for a romantic lifestyle. Her work is an ecobridal collection inspired by modern weddings and her love of nature.

      ECO Lia is a bridal collection designed for the bride who leads a romantic and ecofriendly lifestyle. The name ECO Lia reflects a green manufacturing approach, and Lia defines the femininity of this collection. ECO Lia is made with organic materials and zero-waste fabric, and is designed with a reusable mindset so the pieces can be worn again in other occasions.

      ECO Lia will be unveiled at 2018 The Show presented by Tamoda Apparel Inc., on April 19 and 20 at Kwantlen Polytechnic University’s (KPU) new purpose-built Wilson School of Design building. The beautiful and innovative $36-million building houses a range of design programs including the fashion-design-and-technology program. Thirty-one other lines by KPU fashion design and technology students will also be showcased.

      For event details, visit or follow @wilsondesignkpu on Instagram.

      Hochi Huang: Describe your collection.

      Camille Huang: ECO Lia is a sustainable bridal collection for the modern and romantic bride who lives leads an eco lifestyle. Not only is this collection ecofriendly and zero-waste in terms of production, but all the pieces are versatile and can be worn again in other occasions.

      HH: Who or what was the inspiration behind your line?

      CH: I am a romantic; I have a super feminine and idealistic characteristic. A strong relationship between people means a lot to me, and this is probably why the idea of marriage and weddings inspired me. Besides that, I have always been a nature lover. I grew up experiencing a lot of outdoor fun. My appreciation of being in nature also inspired me to create something ecofriendly; I wanted to do something good for our planet.

      HH: Walk me through your creative process.

      CH: My creative process comes from who I am as a person. I am a dreamer, and my creation often comes from a very enchanted direction. I never make a garment for the sake of making it. My motivation in fashion design comes from what I see and how I feel, and these inspirations can come from very different directions as well. Sometime,s when I see beautiful fabrics, I have ideas pop up in my head. Sometimes, it comes from what I like on the runway or what was on trend. From there, I alter the design to make it speak to who I am.

      HH: What have you learned at KPU?

      CH: I learned a lot. KPU taught me what the industry is looking for, like the technical stuff, business, marketing, research, production technology, and design process. I enrolled in the fashion-design program with very little knowledge and skills, but now I feel like I’m ready for this industry.

      HH: What made you want to become a designer?

      CH: Being able to design what speaks to my heart, and for like-minded people. I like being a designer because I appreciate looking back at my own work and seeing the beauty in my collection. When other people show appreciation for my work, it gives me more motivation to design and fulfill these people’s wants and needs.

      HH: How do you set yourself apart from other designers?

      CH: I think it is my affection of all things romantic, and my attention to detail. I love designing with romantic details, such as lace, ruffles, soft colours, and flawless silhouettes. Besides that, I like being creative and generating marketable ideas that have not yet been fully explored. For example, bridalwear that can be worn again as casualwear is almost unheard of.

      Hochi Huang is a final-year fashion design and technology student at KPU’s Wilson School of Design.

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