Vancouver's Juno-winning environmentalist Grimes walks the red carpet with Elon Musk in New York City

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      One of Canada's most imaginative recording artists is reportedly dating tech superstar Elon Musk.

      Grimes (born in Vancouver as Claire Elise Boucher) walked along a red carpet today at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York with the Tesla and Space X billionaire.

      According to the New York Post, they have become an "item".

      One of Musk's greatest passions these days is elevating public concerns about artificial intelligence. (For more on that, check out this article in Vanity Fair.)

      For her part, Grimes has won four Juno Awards, including Video of the Year in each of the last two years, as well as Breakthrough Artist of the Year and Electronic Album of the Year.

      “The most influential music on me, both as a producer and as a singer, is probably R&B and hip-hop, although I think I’m filtering that through a goth-industrial kind of thing,” Grimes told the Georgia Straight in 2012.

      She records and produces all of her music and directs her videos.

      This technical prowess is a reflection of her longstanding interest in science, technology, and space, which might account for the apparent chemistry between her and Musk.

      In 2015, Grimes was the subject of a lengthy profile in the New Yorker, which likened her to a "mad pop scientist". 

      She is also keenly interested in environmental issues and is reportedly a vegetarian.

      During Juno Week in Vancouver, she visited protesters outside Kinder Morgan's tank farm to lend her moral support.

      Kinder Morgan has faced intense opposition in her hometown for a pipeline project that would triple diluted bitumen shipments from Alberta to the B.C. coast.

      If the $7.4-billion project is completed, it would increase supertanker traffic by nearly seven times in the waters off Vancouver.