Brainstation launches Canada’s first full-time data science bootcamp

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      Want to pick a career that will guarantee a high-paying job? Data science might be for you.

      All industries from retail to real estate are in the midst of a digital transformation. Huge amounts of data about individuals and their behavior is gathered every minute by companies, and the insights gleaned from those stats can be worth more than the products themselves.

      As organizations increasingly realize the importance of data science and analysis, the need for the position has jumped. Currently, studies are projecting that the demand for the role will rise 28 per cent over the next two years—and, with its thriving tech industry, Vancouver is no exception.

      Aiming to address that need, BrainStation—an educational establishment that offers courses for digital skills—is offering the first full-time program for data science in Canada. Designed to prepare individuals for careers, the program takes place at the downtown campus or can be accessed online, and runs for 10 weeks.

      “Working with hiring partners from Canada's largest organizations, BrainStation designed our Data Science bootcamp to address this specific skills gap, with a collaborative, hands-on learning environment that mimics what our graduates will experience in the real world,” says Jason Field, founder and CEO of BrainStation. “This approach to course and content development has helped us achieve an employment rate of over 90% for our full-time programs, and reinforced our position as a global leader in digital training and education.”

      The program covers a range of techniques. Taught by educators with first-hand experience in the field, the course will instruct students on how to program with Python, clean and analyze data, and build data models. After learning how to work with the stats, attendees will be coached how to present their findings with clear and engaging visualizations. Geared towards preparing candidates for a professional role, the program will let individuals prepare a portfolio of completed projects that can help them stand out in the job market, and make contacts with industry mentors.

      Students can enroll now for the fall semester, with a course that runs from October 9 to December 14. More information is available here.

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