Brooke Shields rocks a bikini at the age of 52

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      You can't buy publicity like this.

      Swimsuits for All's new Power Suit campaign is generating massive publicity around the world this morning, thanks to its 52-year-old model, Brooke Shields.

      “Growing up under such scrutiny led me to feel insecure about my looks,” Shields tells People magazine about the new bikini ads. “Feeling disconnected from my own body, it took me years to separate the opinions of others from my own.

      "Over time, I was able to find confidence in myself through my work, my passions, my network of strong female role models and my journey through motherhood," Shields continues. "At 52 years old, I finally feel comfortable and proud of the all the hard work I’ve put into my body. I can say that I feel confident being in my own skin, showing my body and not hiding it.”

      She cites a balanced lifestyle, and not Photoshop, for the images below.