40-foot inflatable baby Jack-Jack from Disney Pixar’s Incredibles is coming to a Vancouver parking lot

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      It’s not every day that you get to see a four-storey tall (inflatable) baby in the city—especially one known for his impressive budding superpowers.

      In celebration of Pixar Animation Studio’s soon-to-be-released Incredibles 2, Walt Disney Studios Canada is bringing one of the movie’s central characters to Vancouver in an unconventional way.

      City-dwellers will see a 40-foot baby Jack-Jack propped up in a parking lot (180 Pacific Boulevard) located on the south side of B.C. Place and Rogers Arena this weekend. The giant inflatable superhero in-the-making can be found on Friday (June 8) at 7:30 a.m. to Sunday (June 10) at 8 p.m.

      The rest of his superhero family members won’t likely be spotted—they’re probably busy fighting villains and saving the world.

      We expect plenty of Disney fans to make their way to this attraction over the next few days, so taking transit or walking to this destination would be a safer bet than driving and trying (read: struggling) to find parking spots nearby.

      Jack-Jack will also be gracing Canadians with his presence in Toronto this weekend. Don’t be surprised if your social media feeds are filled with photos of this celebrity toddler.

      Props to Disney for thinking of genius marketing stunts ahead of a film release. The Incredibles 2 hits the silver screens next week (June 15).  

      Baby Jack-Jack from the Disney Pixar Incredibles film.
      Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Canada
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