LGBT in B.C.: All the rainbow crosswalks in British Columbia

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      B.C.'s streets are alive with every colour of the rainbow. Every time a new rainbow crosswalk is approved in the province, news stories mention other nearby towns that also have colourful roads. It feels like everywhere—from the heart of Davie Village to the tiny town of Princeton (population: 2,828)—has embraced the rainbow.

      While it’s easy to think of B.C. as a liberal paradise, there’s still opposition. Councils in Merritt and Valemount both voted against the rainbow crosswalks, while some populous areas—like Burnaby, Richmond, and West Vancouver—have never even discussed the idea.

      Now, the Georgia Straight has compiled all our glorious rainbow crosswalks into one place. Scroll through the listings or check out the interactive map to find your closest.

      This listing will be updated to reflect changes.

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      Lower Mainland

      Vancouver Rainbow Crosswalks
      Where: Davie Street and Bute Street intersection, Vancouver
      Status: Active
      When: July 29, 2013
      History: The first permanent rainbow crosswalks in Canada. They were repainted in 2016 with the construction of the Jim Deva Plaza.
      Information: Read more here

      New Westminster Rainbow Crosswalk
      Where: Columbia Street and Church Street intersection
      Status: Active
      When: July 27, 2015
      History: A day after being unveiled, a 91-year-old man vandalized the crosswalk with white paint.
      Information: Read more here

      Squamish Rainbow Crosswalk
      Where: Cleveland Avenue between Victoria Street and Main Street, Squamish
      Status: Active
      When: June 30, 2016
      History: The council voted unanimously in favour of the crosswalk in January 2016.
      Information: Read more here

      Maple Ridge's rainbow crosswalk is on the main road.
      Maple Ridge-Pitt Meadows News

      Maple Ridge Rainbow Crosswalk
      Where: 224 Street near Memorial Peace Park, Maple Ridge
      Status: Active
      When: July 28, 2016
      History: The council approved the crosswalk on June 12, 2016, following the mass shooting at Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, Florida.
      Information: Read more here

      University of the Fraser Valley Rainbow Crosswalk
      Where: University of the Fraser Valley, Abbotsford campus, Abbotsford
      Status: Active
      When: September 2016
      History: The crosswalk was painted prior to the start of the 2016 fall semester. The UFV Pride Collective initially voted against the measure as it felt like "lip service".
      Information: Read more here

      Port Moody Rainbow Crosswalk
      Where: Newport Village, Port Moody
      Status: Planned
      When: Approved September 12, 2017
      History: The council approved the plans in September 2017, but voted in November to move the proposed site from Murray Street to Newport Village.
      Information: Read more here

      The rainbow crosswalk in Langley being pressure-washed clean after vandals left tyre marks on it.
      Heather Colpitts

      Fort Langley Rainbow Crosswalk
      Where: Glover Road and Mary Avenue, Fort Langley
      Status: Active
      When: September 14, 2017
      History: Only a few days after its installation, the crosswalk was vandalized by someone performing burn-outs on it.
      Information: Read more here

      Whistler Rainbow Crosswalks
      Where: Two on Main Street, close to Whistler Public Library, Whistler
      Status: Active
      When: September 15, 2017
      History: The crosswalks were launched the same year as Whistler Pride’s 25th anniversary.
      Information: Read more here

      Coquitlam Rainbow Crosswalk
      Where: Burlington Drive and Pinetree Way, outside Coquitlam City Hall
      Status: Active
      When: March 28, 2018
      History: The crosswalk was proposed in September 2017 and divided the council, before they approved the plans in October.
      Information: Read more here

      British Columbia Institute of Technology Rainbow Crosswalk
      Where: Goard Way, outside the main BCIT building, Burnaby Campus, Burnaby
      When: May 14, 2018
      Status: Active
      History: The crosswalk was installed just before the International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia (May 17).
      Information: Read more here

      Surrey Rainbow Crosswalk
      Where: Old Yale Road and University Drive intersection, Surrey
      Status: Planned
      When: June 19, 2018
      History: Mayor Linda Hepner made the decision without council input. Some opponents have argued it would cost over $100,000, but Hepner said it will cost $8,500 over five years. It was installed in time for Surrey Pride 2018.
      Information: Read more here

      White Rock Rainbow Crosswalks
      Where: Five Corners intersection, White Rock
      Status: Planned
      When: Approved May 31, 2018
      History: The council approved the “inclusive” crossings and hoped to have them painted before the rainbow flag-raising on July 28.
      Information: Read more here

      Victoria has three rainbow crossings at Pandora Avenue and Broad Street.
      CTV Vancouver Island

      Vancouver Island and Coastal B.C.

      Victoria Rainbow Crosswalks
      Where: Pandora Street at Broad Street intersection, Victoria
      Status: Active
      When: June 22, 2015
      History: Coun. Jeremy Loveday posted a photo of Edmonton’s temporary rainbow crosswalk on social media and was overwhelmed by the response. Council unanimously approved the project.
      Information: Read more here

      Nanaimo Rainbow Crosswalks
      Where: Two crosswalks at Commercial Street and Bastion Street intersection, Nanaimo
      Status: Active
      When: June 6, 2016
      History: In September 2016, Bible verses were graffitied over one of the rainbow crosswalks.
      Information: Read more here

      Ladysmith Rainbow Crosswalk
      Where: Gatacre Street and First Avenue intersection, Ladysmith
      Status: Active
      When: June 18, 2017
      History: Within two weeks of approving the crosswalk, Ladysmith had painted it.
      Information: Read more here

      Campbell River Rainbow Crosswalk
      Where: Shoppers Row and 10th Avenue, Campbell River
      Status: Removed
      When: June 20, 2017
      History: Volunteers painted a temporary crosswalk in June 2016 for Pride. A vinyl one was installed in June 2017, but quickly destroyed by vandals. In March 2018, the council voted to ban all non-standard crosswalks.
      Information: Read more about the vote to ban rainbow crosswalks here

      Port Alberni Rainbow Crosswalk
      Where: Argyle Street near Fourth Avenue, beside City Hall, Port Alberni
      Status: Temporary, now permanent
      When: Temporary chalk crosswalk June 2017; permanent crosswalk installed July 17, 2017
      History: After the success of a chalk rainbow crosswalk outside City Hall, two city councillors launched a GoFundMe to cover costs. The city painted it in time for Pride 2017.
      Information: Read more here

      Courtenay had its rainbow crosswalk painted in May 2018.
      James Wood

      Courtenay Rainbow Crosswalk
      Where: Duncan Avenue and Fifth Avenue, Courtenay
      Status: Active
      When: May 31, 2018
      History: Courtenay’s rainbow crosswalk was vandalized on June 1, only a day after it was installed.
      Information: Read more here  

      Wellington Secondary School Rainbow Crosswalk
      Where: Outside Wellington Secondary School, Nanaimo
      Status: Active
      When: June 6, 2018
      History: The high school’s Queer Straight Alliance fundraised for the crosswalk for several years, and the school parental advisory committee contributed $1,500.
      Information: Read more here

      Cowichan Secondary School Rainbow Crosswalk
      Where: Outside Cowichan Secondary School, James Street, Duncan
      Status: Planned
      When: Approved June 6, 2018
      History: North Cowichan municipal council approved the crosswalk on June 6. Of the seven members, two voted against it.
      Information: Read more here

      Thompson Rivers University in Kamloops was the second place in Canada to install a permanent rainbow crosswalk.

      Interior B.C

      Thompson Rivers University Rainbow Crosswalk
      Where: Between the human resources building and Old Main, Thompson Rivers University Campus, Kamloops
      Status: Active
      When: September 16, 2013
      History: Thompson Rivers University’s rainbow crosswalk was the first in the B.C. Interior, and the second in Canada. It’s at one of the busiest intersections on campus.
      Information: Read more here

      Castlegar Rainbow Crosswalk
      Where: Third Street between Columbia Avenue and 13 Avenue, Castlegar
      Status: Active
      When: May 8, 2014
      History: The initiative was approved in November 2013. It was the third crosswalk in the province, after Vancouver and Thompson Rivers University in Kamloops.
      Information: Read more here

      Princeton Rainbow Crosswalk
      Where: Bridge Street, at the intersection of Kenley Avenue and Veterans Boulevard, Princeton
      Status: Active
      When: July 30, 2015
      History: Princeton’s rainbow crosswalk didn’t attract much fuss. It was painted before the eight annual Princeton Traditional Music Festival.
      Information: Read more here

      Four rainbow crosswalks appeared in Kelowna in 2015.
      Neetu Garcha/Global News

      Kelowna Rainbow Crosswalks
      Where: Lawrence Avenue and Pandosy Street intersection, Kelowna
      Status: Active
      When: August 6, 2015
      History: The four crosswalks were unveiled just before the city’s pride march that year.
      Information: Read more here

      Nelson Rainbow Crosswalk
      Where: Stanley Street and Victoria Street intersection, Nelson
      Status: Active
      When: September 6, 2015
      History: A team of young people originally tried to spray-paint a different crossing in Nelson days before Kootenay Pride, but got caught by a police officer. They managed to contact Nelson council for their blessing and painted the rainbow crossing themselves a few days later.
      Information: Read more here

      Summerland Rainbow Crosswalks
      Where: One at the corner of Main Street and Kelly Avenue; one on Victoria Road between Main Street and Junilee Road West, Summerland
      Status: Active
      When: September 10, 2015
      History: The crosswalks were proposed in August, and painted around a month later.
      Information: Read more here

      Valemount Rainbow Crosswalk
      Location: Fifth Avenue, Valemount
      Status: Temporary
      When: August 4, 2016
      History: Valemount council unanimously rejected the proposal for a rainbow crosswalk on July 26, 2016. In response, a team of around 50 residents drew a chalk rainbow crosswalk in the proposed location anyway.
      Information: Read more here

      Selkirk College Rainbow Crosswalk
      Where: Selkirk College Campus, Castlegar
      Status: Active
      When: September 2, 2016
      History: Selkirk College added a rainbow to its Castlegar campus to demonstrate its support for the LGBTQ community.
      Information: Read more here

      Vernon's rainbow crosswalk was installed in May 2017.
      Carla Chico Hesch Rayner

      Vernon Rainbow Crosswalk
      Where: 30th Avenue between 33rd Street and 34th Street, Vernon
      Status: Active
      When: May 18, 2017
      History: The crosswalk was approved by Vernon council six votes to one. Local company Caliber Sports Systems installed it at no cost to the city.
      Information: Read more here

      Fernie Rainbow Crosswalks
      Where: In front of Fernie Secondary School; downtown Fernie
      Status: Active; unclear
      When: June 1, 2017
      History: Fernie Secondary School have a rainbow crosswalk outside their school. There were plans for more across downtown Fernie but their status is unclear.
      Information: Read more here

      Rossland Rainbow Crosswalk
      Where: Washington Street, opposite Rossland Summit School, Rossland
      Status: Active
      When: September 5, 2017
      History: It took two years of planning to install Rossland's rainbow crosswalk, as the street spent some time undergoing repairs.
      Information: Read more here

      Salmon Arm Crosswalk
      Where: Fifth Street SW, near the Blackburn Skate Park, Salmon Arm
      Status: Unclear
      When: Approved January 15, 2018
      History: The council approved a budget of $2,000 for a rainbow crosswalk to be installed over an existing crosswalk on Fifth Street SW, leaving the decision up to city staff.
      Information: Read more here

      The Coldwater Hotel in Merritt let community members paint a rainbow in its parking lot.
      John Allison Reid

      Merritt Rainbow Crosswalk
      Where: Coldwater Hotel parking lot, Merritt
      Status: Active
      When: March 25, 2018
      History: Merritt city council rejected a proposal for a rainbow crosswalk on February 27, but local groups protested. Coldwater Hotel’s owners offered their parking lot for a 12-metre rainbow.
      Information: Read more here

      Kamloops Airport Rainbow Crosswalks
      Where: Outside the arrivals area and next to the terminal, Kamloops Airport
      Status: Active
      When: April 13, 2018
      History: There was over a year of discussion about where to put rainbow crosswalks in Kamloops. The crosswalk was approved unanimously by Kamloops Airport Authority Society representatives.
      Information: Read more here

      Cranbrook Rainbow Crosswalk
      Where: Industrial Road 1, in front of the School District 5 building
      Status: Active
      When: May 28, 2018
      History: The crosswalk was enthusiastically supported by the local Board of Education. Around 100 people showed up for its opening.
      Information: Read more here

      Williams Lake Rainbow Crosswalk
      Where: Williams Lake
      Status: Planned
      When: Approved June 12, 2018
      History: Members of Williams Lake Pride Committee brought the motion to council. It was approved, and the committee plans to fundraise to cover costs. 
      Information: Read more here

      A painting crew puts the finishing touches on Prince George's rainbow crosswalk.
      Brent Braaten

      Northern B.C.

      Masset Rainbow Crosswalk
      Where: Collinson Avenue and Main Street intersection, Masset
      Status: Active
      When: June 2015 (estimated)
      History: Masset approved rainbow crosswalks on June 11, 2015, but it is unclear when the crosswalks were installed. They were repainted in 2017.
      Information: Read more here

      Smithers Rainbow Crosswalk
      Where: Main Street and Second Avenue Intersection, Smithers
      Status: Active
      When: Late June 2016
      History: Anna Ziegler wrote to the council requesting a rainbow crosswalk, which they granted. It was installed across two days in late June and vandalized with burnouts shortly after.
      Information: Read more here

      Prince George Rainbow Crosswalk
      Where: Seventh Avenue at the intersection of Quebec Street and Canada Games Way, Prince George
      Status: Active
      When: June 14, 2016
      History: The council approved the crosswalk in April 2016. It was painted shortly after the Pulse nightclub shooting.
      Information: Read more here

      Prince Rupert Rainbow Pathway
      Where: Cow Bay Road, Prince Rupert
      Status: Active
      When: June 16, 2016
      History: The council approved a rainbow crosswalk in June 2015. In 2016, it was changed to a pathway instead. The town apparently boasts two rainbow crosswalks, but it’s unclear where they are.
      Information: Read more here

      Terrace's original rainbow crosswalks eroded over winter, and were replaced in April 2017.
      Margaret Spiers

      Terrace Rainbow Crosswalks
      Where: Park Avenue, either side of the Emerson Street intersection, Terrace
      Status: Active
      When: June 30, 2016
      History: The original crosswalk was painted in front of City Hall, but it eroded over the winter. The replacements were painted a few blocks over in 2017.
      Information: Read more here

      Dawson Creek Rainbow Crosswalk
      Where: 15th Street and 109th Street opposite South Peace Secondary School, Dawson Creek
      Status: Active
      When: March 2017
      History: The rainbow crosswalk was approved in August 2016 and painted in March 2017.
      Information: Read more here

      Kitimat Rainbow Crosswalk
      Where: Upper City Centre Mall parking lot, Kitimat
      Status: Active
      When: September 6, 2017
      History: The council approved the rainbow crosswalk, but its original location was an uncontrolled crossing on a high speed road, so they moved it to a parking lot.
      Information: Read more here

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