Your horoscope for June 14 to 20, 2018

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      A super new moon in Gemini has just launched. This super moon dials it up regarding information-gathering, social interfacing, trade and commerce, trendsetting communications, networking, negotiations, transportation, and moving it along. One thing leads to the next. Everything is multidimensional or multiplatformed. It’s a critical time to sort out fact from fiction, to speak up, to get the message straight/delivered, and/or put it in writing. While Gemini is great for getting the ball rolling, it’s also an archetype of duality, duplicity, and contradiction.

      Venus in Leo (just launched too) singles out one special one. It’s an apt transit for making Dad feel the love. The creative potential of the here and now is greatly enhanced. Social or otherwise, on Thursday evening, Venus/Uranus light a fresh spark. Friday night, Mercury/Saturn bring the workweek to a much anticipated wrap-up. If you don’t have to, don’t. Slow it down; reduce expense or output; put the brakes on.

      The Leo moon keeps Father’s Day weekend on the upbeat. Monday afternoon, Neptune begins its annual five-month retrograde cycle. Good intentions or the day’s momentum can easily dissipate or get waylaid. Whether subtle or obvious, Neptune exposes that which has previously escaped notice. To the minus, it can uncover vulnerability, weakness, and lies, or create loss, confusion, dissipation, or disillusionment. To the plus, it can tap something of true worth and value, something that serves our better and higher interests.

      Tuesday is good for travel, sales, exploring more, and putting it out there. Mercury/Jupiter can also inflate or exaggerate. On Wednesday, Mercury/Neptune keep romance, creativity, imagination, hopefulness, fluidness, and uncertainty in full swing.

      March 20 - April 19

      While Venus in Leo keeps you on a positive upswing, Mercury/Saturn also keep an important matter weighing on your mind or looming on the road ahead. Friday can bring you to a conclusion or finish. Over the next two weeks, you’ll continue to confront, complete, surpass, or lay more to rest. Saturday/Sunday, pump up on reward. Tuesday/Wednesday, it comes easily and naturally.

      April 20 - May 20

      The super new moon has just launched a two-week mobilizing window. Thursday evening dishes up something fresh. Friday, you’ll reach a finish line. While you have more time to put in or more working it out to do, each step of the way gets you that much further along. Monday through Wednesday, feel your way along: conjure; search; engage; and communicate.

      May 21 - June 21

      One way or another, the super new moon has set big wheels in motion. Social or on your own, Thursday evening is good for an unwind. Friday night, take a pass: finish off; conserve your energy and money. Saturday/Sunday, you’re back in action/up for it. Monday through Wednesday, go with the flow. Relax; don’t force it. Rely on creativity and synchronicity.

      June 21 - July 22

      Thursday evening, Venus/Uranus light a fresh spark. Friday, Mercury/Saturn call it a wrap. You’ll feel done or spent. The weekend is what you make of it. Monday, don’t force what isn’t coming naturally. Allow; let it go; let it flow. Tuesday/Wednesday, creativity, romance, and ease are on ready tap. Relinquish; accommodate; aspire. Give; gift; share; and receive. It’s also easy to get carried away.

      July 22 - August 22

      Venus, newly into Leo, boosts your prospects, assets, and can-do, helping you to make the most of it through the first week of July. Thursday evening, let yourself off the hook and enjoy an evening out. A fresh diversion hits the spot. Friday can bring you to a stop. Saturday/Sunday, you’re on a full recharge. Monday onward, feel your way along; keep open-ended.

      August 22 - September 22

      Something added, something subtracted or nixed off the list; Thursday/Friday keep you working your way through it. Pamper Dad or pamper yourself this weekend. Monday/Tuesday keep you completely submerged in the moment or on deep dive within the workings of your heart, mind, or imagination. Tuesday/Wednesday are especially opportune for inspired initiatives, creative pursuits, romance, seeking favour, selling, or upselling it.

      September 22 - October 23

      Thursday evening, Venus/Uranus can supply you with news, an invitation, a spontaneous insight, or an energy spurt. Friday night, you’re done; it’s done. The weekend keeps you moving along. Monday begins a mostly smooth-running week. Monday, adapt; go with the flow. Tuesday/Wednesday, you’ll absorb more, feel more, or get lost in it. Mercury keeps the imagination, conversation, promise, or potential on brew.

      October 23 - November 21

      Thursday, something social or spontaneous hits the spot. Friday night, call it quits; let yourself off the hook. Play it up or chill out; Father’s Day weekend is what you make of it. Monday through Wednesday, the flow is good, but even so uncertainty is in the mix. Entertain all possibilities; read between the lines; make the most of the here and now.

      November 21 - December 21

      It’s off; it’s on; it’s done; it’s over; it’s begun; it is written. An important money matter or relationship claims you now. This next week or two will prove to be significant in terms of a time line, base line, finish line, start line, or goal post. Monday, you’ll feel an inner or outer shift. Tuesday/Wednesday, take it as it comes.

      December 21 - January 19

      Thursday can see you change your mind or get you going on something fresh. Friday can see you finish it off and reach your mark or your threshold. Monday, the momentum or direction is easily lost. Tuesday/Wednesday, get up to nothing or conjure up something. It’s easy to give in, go too far, overindulge, or get swept away.

      January 20 - February 18

      In two weeks, Mars in Aquarius will begin a two-month retrograde cycle. It is an important regroup cycle for you, especially when it comes to sorting out personal and lifestyle reinvention, health, or a key relationship. Friday’s Mercury/Saturn and next Thursday’s Venus/Mars kick-start the agenda. Pay close attention to instincts; follow your heart.

      February 18 - March 20

      Neptune, your ruler, begins its annual four-month retrograde cycle on Monday. You’ll feel this track switch as subtle or strong. Either way, the transit serves to clear away confusion or uncertainty. Watch for the plus and minus of options and involvements to evolve and become more obvious. Tuesday/Wednesday, creativity, imagination, sensitivity, and susceptibility are greatly heightened.

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