Gear up for summer cycling with these fashionable finds

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      With temperatures steadily rising and sun on the horizon, it’s time to dust off your two-wheeler and get bikin’. (Research has shown that regular cyclists tend to be happier, after all.) And while you’re at it, why not use the season as an excuse to invest a little in your commuting wardrobe?

      Whether you’re an avid roadie or a fair-weather rider, we’ve rounded up our favourite style picks that will have you making the city’s routes, trails, and dedicated lanes an impromptu runway.


      Bag of tricks

      Two Wheel Gear—inventor of the bike suit bag that keeps 9-to-5 ’fits crisp and wrinkle-free during your commute—has tweaked its offerings for 2018, and we’re a big fan of the updated convertible pannier-backpack ($159).

      Designed in Vancouver, the sleek tote boasts a padded laptop slot and multiple pockets for your keys, phones, and other accessories. And as its name suggests, the bag easily goes from handy pannier to technical ’pack with a tuck and a few adjustable clicks, keeping your back clean and sweat-free during your ride.

      Find it at MEC (130 West Broadway and 212 Brooksbank Avenue, North Vancouver).


      Bikie Girl Bloomers

      Full bloom

      As far as summer wardrobes go, pants—and shorts, for that matter—get bottom billing when compared to their much airier, easy-to-wear sisters, skirts and frocks. (There’s a reason jeans, trousers, and other restricting two-leg garments are the first thing we ditch as soon as we get home after a long day.) The problem comes, however, when dress-sporting folks hop onto a bike and an unwelcome Marilyn Monroe moment ensues at the slightest gust of wind.

      Enter Bikie Girl Bloomers’ bike shorts (from $59), which offer a comfy, modest cover and splashy punch of colour, thanks to fun prints like fuchsia zebra and dreamy tie-dye. They’re so fun, you’ll want to—and can—wear them along to noncycling activities like dance, yoga, and more.

      Find them at the Bikie Girl Bloomers website.



      Tip of the hat

      The headwear of choice for bikers as far back as 1868, cycling caps are still worn by die-hard roadies today for both aesthetic and practical reasons. (They fit snugly underneath helmets to keep sweat, sun, and rain out of your eyes and conveniently hide dreaded helmet hair postride.)

      Updating the quintessential hats for 2018, Victoria-based designer Christina Chan handcrafts particularly fun versions (from $25) under the name KnitChanChan, using upcycled and one-of-a-kind fabrics that are speckled with illustrations of octopi, doughnuts, and even sizzling strips of bacon.

      Find them at Sidesaddle Bike Shop (2496 Victoria Drive).




      Beast mode

      Serious cyclists with a love for the fanciful will heart Shebeest’s best-selling Divine jersey (from $70), a silky, moisture-wicking top designed for maximum comfort and performance on the road, trail, or wherever else your two-wheeler may take you.

      Designed by women for women, the formfitting shirt features a controlled venting system, reflective detailing, and not one, not two, but three back pockets. The best part? The mixed bag of flashy prints available—from retro polka dots and houndstooth to stripes, florals, and juicy cherries—that will make you impossible to miss.

      Find them at West Point Cycles (various locations).



      Short term

      Rock the wrong jorts, gentlemen, and you can very quickly find yourselves in aging-dad-clinging-to-his-last-strands-of-youth-at-a-family-barbecue territory. But trust: these commuter shorts ($84) from Vancouver’s Duer will not lead you astray.

      Crafted from the brand’s proprietary L2X fabric, a super-stretchy denim that zaps moisture and unpleasant odours, the pants are the perfect pick for casual cyclists and, really, anyone who’s into looking good and staying cool this summer—your old man included.

      Find them at Duer Performance Denim (118 West Hastings Street).