Charges dismissed against Stormy Daniels following sting operation by female police officers in Ohio

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      One of the most famous adult performers in the world is not going to face continued legal persecution in Columbus, Ohio.

      Last night, Stormy Daniels was arrested, handcuffed, and taken to jail after a sting operation in a nightclub.

      She was dancing when female undercover officers allegedly asked if they could push their faces into Daniels' breasts.

      Her lawyer, Michael Avenatti, claimed that the arrest was "politically motivated".

      Watch this ABC News report of Michael Avenatti's reaction.

      Daniels has generated a blizzard of media coverage for claiming that she once had sex with Donald Trump and that his lawyer paid her to remain quiet about this.

      This morning, deputy chief prosecutor Joseph Gibson issued a statement acknowledging that the state cannot prove every element of the offences beyond a reasonable doubt.

      In particular, he noted that the charges purported that Daniels appeared "regularly" at Sirens Gentlemen's Club when, in fact, there is no evidence that this is true.

      This was the justification for the case being dismissed before it went to trial.

      This NBC video shows Stormy Daniels arriving in jail in handcuffs after a performance in Columbus, Ohio.