Your horoscope for August 2 to 8, 2018

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      Mars retrograde in Aquarius keeps the reboot momentum going strong. Aim to make the most of your weekend and the time you spend.

      Back-to-work Monday puts the people and the money on the go. Thanks to Venus entering Libra at the exact same time (4:28 p.m.) that the sun and Jupiter reach a peak, the start of the week is likely to launch an escalation trend. Expect full swing everywhere and more volume regarding traffic, news, sales, and money markets.

      Plans or expectations could get waylaid Tuesday morning. Uranus in Taurus begins a retrograde cycle. You could witness a noticeable energy shift, a reversal, or a change of mind. Venus, ruler of Taurus, forms a good connection with Mars (trine) as evening kicks into gear. The stars set a backdrop for an improvement, correction, rollout, or smooth-out. No matter how it plays out, the moment is optimized.

      Mercury retrograde joins forces with the sun (conjunction) on Wednesday. This meetup marks the informing peak of the retrograde cycle. It can create a reprieve, a repeat, news, an announcement, a good connection, a special moment, or a same-page accord. Revisit the conversation, issue, or option; express what’s in your heart, your mind, your soul. The evening is a good one for romance, chilling out, and getting your pleasure fill.

      Two eclipses down, one more to go. A super-new-moon partial solar eclipse in Leo happens on August 11. Due to the mix of dynamic transits, watch for everything in the week leading up to the eclipse to hold greater than usual potency, momentum, and importance.

      March 20 - April 19

      Keeping your mind sharp and active, Mars/Uranus set the stage for a personal or creative breakthrough or for a silence to be broken. Expect to stay physically and socially on the go, too. Stalled or blocked no longer, watch for this next week to see you on a move-along with a creative or self-improvement project, important conversation, relationship, or money matter.

      April 20 - May 20

      Let yourself off the hook; take a vacation or, at the very least, take a break. A change of pace or scenery hits it right. Now through the weekend, Mars/Uranus are good for a release or a fresh refuel. The duo can prompt a different line of thinking. Tuesday/Wednesday could see you make a significant breakthrough with someone or something.

      May 21 - June 21

      Watch for a good idea to strike. Mars/Uranus could also prompt a discovery, a great opportunity, or a surprise breakthrough. Over this next week, a flash of inspiration, a single word spoken, or something seen or read could jump-start you. Sunday/Monday, rely on instincts and intuition. Tuesday/Wednesday, a meetup, talk, or revisit is well-timed.

      June 21 - July 22

      There’s a creative wellspring inside you, more than you are aware of. Trust it will kick in when you need it to. Financial-, personal-, or relationshipwise, Mars/Uranus take you to the brink of something major. They also provide a necessary push or refuel. Sunday and Wednesday are your best days to talk it out, replay it, repeat, revisit, or redo it.

      July 22 - August 22

      Keep open-ended, take it moment to moment, be here now, and make the most of it. Mars and the rest of the stars keep one thing after another going through the week ahead. Monday’s sun/Jupiter can give you more, pile on extras, see you overdo it, overspend, or overestimate. Wednesday, sun/Mercury lights a fresh spark. Connect, indulge in romance or relaxation, enjoy.

      August 22 - September 22

      Take it easy this weekend, get your pleasure fill. As of Monday, Venus leaves Virgo for Libra. You are likely to feel an internal switch, a compelling sense that it’s time to get yourself going. If Tuesday steers you off track, it won’t be for long. Wednesday puts head and heart on the same page. Feel it; say it; do it.

      September 22 - October 23

      Leaving Virgo for Libra on Monday, Venus takes you through an intensified self-examination/reconcile-with-yourself chapter. Contracts (karmic and actual), money, and relationship matters see action in the week ahead as Venus makes the rounds with Chiron (opposition), Mars (trine) and Saturn (square). Tuesday to Thursday moves you past a hurdle, dilemma, or block. Sunday and Wednesday are your best for connecting.

      October 23 - November 21

      Thursday, quick and fast does it best. Sunday’s stars are easy-rolling. Monday is a good day to travel, go exploring, or start a vacation week. Venus into Libra and sun/Jupiter puts everything on the increase or upswing. You could spend more or do more than you plan. Tuesday, take it as it comes. Wednesday evening, catch up and enjoy.

      November 21 - December 21

      Now through next week, something unexpected could set wheels in motion or get you going on something fresh. A new goal or lifestyle can take on a life of its own. Planned or not, reconnections are well-timed. A special someone could claim your attention, or heart, especially Tuesday/Wednesday. Sun/Mercury could spark a great idea, a repeat, or a second chance.

      December 21 - January 19

      One way or another, Mars keeps a fresh supply of fuel on ready access. Friday through Sunday, you’ll hit it just right. Monday is a day of gains, indulgence, and increased input and output. Tuesday opens with a redirection or the unexpected. Wednesday evening, in the mood, in the moment—it’s as good as it gets.

      January 20 - February 18

      Whether it is a sense or something actual, Mars in Aquarius takes you over the hump. You’ll feel a widening divide between the past and the present, between the old you and the new you. While a natural clearing-away continues, you’ll also gain a good head start/jump-start on the future. Sunday through Wednesday, the getting is good.

      February 18 - March 20

      Simple, easy, and quality over quantity provide the best satisfaction, especially through the weekend. Monday to Wednesday, it’s an upswing, an escalation, an upsell, an ease-up, a move-along, a domino effect—in other words, more of anything and everything. Aim for company, comfort, relaxation, or romance; Wednesday evening, the stars are in your favour.


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