Yes Vancouver mayoral candidate Hector Bremner says his party will bring back Davie Street Party

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      Within the LGBT community, there's great sadness and a fair amount of exasperation over the disappearance of the Davie Street Party as part of Vancouver's Pride celebrations.

      It used to take place in the Davie Village between Burrard and Jervis streets, with different stages offering bands, poetry, and other performances.

      But this year, the Vancouver Pride Society cancelled the event, much to the chagrin of local merchants and partygoers.

      But one civic party has pledged to bring it back.

      The Yes Vancouver slate, which is headed by mayoral candidate Hector Bremner, has said on Facebook that the Davie Street Party is "a very important part of the Pride celebrations".

      "Pride matters and needs to be celebrated and as your Mayor and Council, YES will do what it takes to restore this party, working with all of the stakeholders," the party stated. "When there is a will, there has to be a way." 

      Yes Vancouver council candidate Brinder Bains is a former director and vice president of the West End Business Improvement Association and a member of the LGBT community.

      She owns three Cobs Bread outlets, including one in the 1100 block of Davie Street, and she was featured in a 2015 CBC News documentary called "Canada's Modern Family".

      In a news release earlier this year, the Vancouver Pride Society claimed that the city's regulatory costs for the Davie Street Party in 2017 were nearly $80,000.

      That included more than $37,000 to cover policing, security, and traffic management.

      The entire cost of the event last year was $209,183, according to the Vancouver Pride Society.

      On Facebook, Yes Vancouver noted that this was 60 percent higher than two years earlier.