Justin Trudeau gets rousing welcome from Liberals in Nelson Park before Vancouver Pride parade

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      There was a bit of that old-fashioned Trudeaumania in Vancouver's West End this morning.

      I stumbled upon a crowd of Liberals, mostly young, who were gathered in Nelson Park before the Pride parade.

      There was an air of excitement as they mulled around, many in red party T-shirts.

      Naturally, I inquired if they were waiting for the prime minister.

      No, this isn't a crowd waiting for a concert—they're just eager to see Justin Trudeau.
      Charlie Smith

      Sure enough, a few minutes later, a police convoy came down Comox Street.

      Then in the final vehicle, a nondescript dark sedan, out hopped Justin Trudeau.

      A short video below shows the reception he received.

      As Trudeau greeted well-wishers, Vancouver's famous Roller Girl tried to get some face time with the prime minister.

      But she was discouraged from joining the group shot below. It was only reserved for Liberals.

      The prime minister knew he was among friends in the Liberal party.
      Charlie Smith

      Trudeau then started signing autographs, as you can see in the photo at the top of this article. He was also welcomed by the party's top officials in B.C.

      The chair of the Liberal Party of Canada in B.C., Manjot Hallen, and past party president in B.C. Braeden Caley were in Nelson Park with the prime minister.
      Charlie Smith

      Even after all the controversies involving the Kinder Morgan pipeline, the government's mixed relationship with Indigenous people, and his party's failure to put a serious dent in greenhouse gas emissions, the prime minister still has a magnetic hold over his most fervent admirers.

      That has been clear at the Vancouver Pride parade dating back to 2014, as demonstrated by the photo below.

      This was the greeting Justin Trudeau received on Thurlow Street before the 2014 Vancouver Pride parade.
      Charlie Smith