Samsung shows off its new Galaxy Note9

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      In almost every sense of the word, the Galaxy Note9 is big.

      Big screen (6.4 inches, the largest screen offered in a handset), big battery (4,000 mAh, will last a while and Samsung has improved its safety-certification processes to avoid a repeat of the Note7 recall), big storage capacity (128 GB standard, upgradeable to 512 GB, with a microSD slot that can add 512 GB for a total of 1 TB).

      Big on features, too.

      Samsung unveiled the new premium handset in New York last week, and one of the coolest things that's been added is Bluetooth connectivity to the S Pen stylus. That means you can use it as a remote shutter when taking a selfie or to control your presentation deck when you're at the front of the boardroom.

      You can still use the S Pen as a stylus, too, for taking notes or doodling on a picture. 

      Something else that makes the Note9 an appealing option for power users is that you don't need a dock to use it like a computer: you can simply plug it into a monitor and connect a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse.

      The camera has the same dual-aperture lens that was introduced with the Galaxy S9 Plus and adds a "flaw detection" feature that will notify you if there's something wrong with the picture you've taken so you can get another shot. 

      The Note9 is priced at a premium, though. The 128 GB model is $1,300 and the 512 GB is $1,630. 

      For comparison, the iPhone X is at $1,320 for 64 GB and $1,530 for 256 GB.

      Preordering the Note9 before August 23 will get you a pair of Samsung's Gear IconX wireless earbuds (worth $300 in stores). The handset will be released on August 24.

      In Canada, only the 128 GB model will be sold by carriers. It will be available in "Midnight Black" or "Ocean Blue".

      The 256 GB model will be available only from Samsung in "Midnight Blue", either online or in Samsung Experience stores.