Lululemon celebrates 20th birthday with limited-edition capsule collection

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      Vancouver-based yogawear manufacturer Lululemon is turning 20 this year, and to mark the milestone, it’s unveiled a special capsule collection adorned with exactly the sort of hippie-dippy, life-affirming mantras you’d expect from a retailer that stocks kombucha on tap for its customers. (Side note: babies born in 1998—1998!—are now 20 years old. As in, no longer infants, but fully developed adults with rational thoughts, goals, and feelings. Let that sink in.)

      The 11-piece collection is comprised of some of Lululemon’s most popular—and bestselling—men’s and women’s technical garments, each of which has been tweaked to feature reflective Lululemon branding or an embossed print that shares the company’s redesigned word-collage manifesto. (You’re probably familiar with the phrases and calls to action—love, breathe deeply, the pursuit of happiness is the source of happiness—that make up the mission statement if you’ve ever picked up one of the shop’s reusable totes or gift-card sleeves.)

      The inspirational expressions cover limited-edition, sweat-wicking sports bras, leggings, T-shirts, and hoodies for women, and training shorts for men. If you’re after a more subtle look, there are products that are simply emblazoned with Lululemon and the anniversary collection’s name, 9818-20Y. (98 representing the brand's birth year, and 18 indicating the current year.) A reversible mat and water bottle are also part of the offerings. The items are coated in a colour palette of black, red, grey, and navy.

      The capsule line starts at $62, and is now available for a limited time in stores and online. To celebrate two decades in business, Lululemon is also hosting yoga events in China, Japan, and here in Vancouver with the annual Seawheeze Half Marathon and Sunset Festival. The brand was founded in Vancouver in 1998, and in 2000, opened its first retail store in Kitsilano. The company now operates over 400 locations in 12 countries.

      Check out some of our picks from Lululemon’s 9818-20Y collection below.

      Lululemon Energy Bra 20Y Collection, $72
      Lululemon Metal Vent Tech Short Sleeve 20Y Collection, $78
      Lululemon Wunder Under Hi-Rise 7/8 Tight 20Y Collection Full-On Luxtreme 25", $118
      Lululemon Sojourn Hoodie 20Y Collection, $148
      Lululemon 5 Year Basic T 20Y Collection, $74