B.C. Ferries reports highest vehicle traffic in its history during last quarter

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      B.C. Ferries' decision to lower fares on April 1 has coincided with a jump in vehicle traffic.

      Today, the provincially owned corporation reported the highest quarterly passenger traffic levels in 20 years from April through June.

      Vehicle traffic hit an all-time record over this three-month period.

      At the start of April, B.C. Ferries reduced fares by 15 percent on all routes with the exception of those travelling from Metro Vancouver to Vancouver Island.

      In addition, seniors' discounts were hiked from 50 percent to 100 percent from Mondays through Thursdays.

      The higher passenger levels over the three-month period coincided with a 1.5 percent increase in revenues to $229.7 million.

      However, net earnings fell from $17.3 million from April to June 2017 to $6 million over the same three months of this year. 

      "With traffic levels the highest our company has ever experienced, we continue to add service where possible, resulting in higher operating expenses," B.C. Ferries president and CEO Mark Collins said in a news result.