New North Vancouver concept shop combines good coffee, men's clothing, and hair cuts

GOODLAD moves into Lower Lonsdale with barber services, fashion, and java

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      Men who take their coffee as seriously as their looks have a new place to check out in North Van, one that brings coffee, clothing, and haircuts all under one roof.

      GOODLAD is a passion project of Shane Meier (who handles the clothes), Christopher Glenn (barber), and Mike Hong (coffee master).

      Meier is a former actor who, as a child played Clint Eastwood’s son in the Oscar-winning film Unforgiven. He also appeared in MacGyver, Steven King’s Needful Things, and The Matthew Shepard Story, among other local and U.S. TV network shows.

      “Having spent a number of years working in Los Angeles, Shane wanted to bring a unique men’s shopping experience that he had enjoyed during his travels back to Vancouver,” the shop’s release said. “Adding the barbershop and coffee shop to the clothing concept was a ‘no brainer’. Men want quality service quickly, so to be able to buy clothes, grab a drink and get a shave all in less than an hour makes for a pleasurable experience.”

      Partnering with Brooklyn Clothing’s Jason Overbo and Howard Clothing’s Chris Martin, the shop will carry high-end men’s denim as well as outerwear, Ts, sweaters, hoodies, socks, underwear, shorts, boots, and “endless apothecary”.

      Brands include AG, Nudie, Kato, Canada Goose, Barbour, with smaller local brands like 18 Waits, Outclass, Viberg Boots, and Vancouver’s own Reigning Champ and Wings and Horns rounding out the collections.

      The team is sourcing its coffee from West End Coffee Roasters and will also offer Bullet Coffee, a high-octane blend of espresso, grass fed butter, coconut oil, and pure MCT oil.

      Hair services, meanwhile, include cut and buzz cut; shave; beard trim; wash, blow dry, and style; and cleanup. “It is all about the client, their needs, and [has] nothing to do with trends or fads,” Glenn said in the statement. “GOODLAD follows the 60/40 rule: 60% cut, 40% experience. Our clients aren’t after a quick cut or an in and out astrosphere; they come to us for advice, community, an effortlessly cool vibe and experience that they really can’t get elsewhere.”

      GOODLAD is located at 221 Esplanade at Chesterfield in North Vancouver.  It’s open Saturday to Wednesday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Thursday and Friday from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.