Vancouver Foundation’s On The Table initiative invites people to reconnect with their communities

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      In a world of screens, and swiping, and automated messaging, it can be easy to feel disconnected from the real world. But taking the time to engage with others can really help us to rediscover the value in human interaction. And surely there is nothing that brings people together like breaking bread and spirited conversation.

      That’s the thinking behind the Vancouver Foundation’s latest initiative. To mark its 75th anniversary, organizers from the Foundation want a celebration that helps people feel more connected.

      On Thursday (September 13), people, organizations, and communities from across the province are invited to come together, share food, and talk about what matters most to them. Each host will put on their own event and is encouraged to share their experiences and discussions on social media using the hashtag #onthetableBC.

      Hosts can choose to serve something simple like coffee and cake or chips and dip.
      Vancouver Foundation

      Hosts don’t have to follow any strict rules or guidelines, since the main goal of On The Table is to get people talking. If you don’t want to invite people into your own home, you might consider hosting at your local library, office break room, neighbourhood restaurant, nearby park, church, or recreation centre. Ideas and conversation starters will be provided in the host toolkit, but typically the host will choose the focus or let the topic arise organically from the group.

      Vancouver Foundation will then collect the results from all the On The Table conversations to discover what’s currently on people’s minds in B.C.—before sharing them with the public.

      The On The Table website has lots of useful resourses to help hosts with planning and preparation.
      Vancouver Foundation

      To host your own gathering, . The majority of the events are taking place on Thursday (September 13), but you have until Sunday (September 16) to take part. And you can find some really useful resources online to help you with the preparation and planning, including invitations, conversation cards, and hosting guides.

      There are more than 345 hosts and 4,000 guests participating so far. And a number of diverse groups have registered, representing small businesses, farmers, education institutions, diverse ethnocultural communities, arts and culture, and more.

      Talk, engage, and be a part of something really special. It will make you feel good.

      Vancouver Foundation

      Vancouver Foundation’s On the Table is taking place at individually hosted events in locations across the province on Thursday (September 13). Join the conversation, register to host, and find more information by visiting the . And be sure to follow along on social media using the hashtag #onthetableBC.