Fall bedroom looks to help you rest easy

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      Bed rest

      BoConcept’s contemporary Lugano (from $1,530) combines the West Coast vibe—and warm feel—of a walnut-veneer frame with the even warmer look of a tufted, upholstered headboard, resulting in an ultra-inviting bed that you can’t help but fall into after a long day.

      Every part of the bed is customizable—in case you’d prefer a leather or very fall-appropriate corduroy-velvet back, for example—and there’s even the option of converting a portion of it into storage space, thanks to the addition of a hydraulic lifter. Nab a matching nightstand and consider yourself bedtime-ready.

      Find it at BoConcept (1275 West 6th Avenue).

      > Lucy Lau


      OMG It's Small

      Paint it black

      It’s all in the details with Gus* Modern’s handsome Myles End Table ($675): luxe rose-gold handles contrast the shiny ebony exterior; a streamlined steel base—powder-coated in jet black—helps create the illusion of space by exposing the floor below; and a subtle chevron pattern on the dark-stained oak drawer adds visual interest and a touch of oomph. An open shelf in the table’s bottom compartment allows you to show off your fave books and trinkets, too.

      Find it at OMG It’s Small (1400 Marine Drive, North Vancouver).

      > Lucy Lau


      Dream Designs

      Sleep easy

      The idea that their mattress might be toxic is making more and more people lose sleep. But you don’t have to look far for eco-friendly mattresses. Dream Designs’ (2749 Main Street) Vancouver-made La Luna models are crafted from natural Dunlop latex encased in a fabric that’s 80 percent recycled wool and 20 percent viscose. The material is biodegradable, and the feel of sleeping on them is often compared to that of memory foam—without the chemical cocktail.

      The product carries the top GOLS (Global Organic Latex Standard) and Oeko Tex 100 ratings for its latex core and GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) and Oeko Tex 100 ratings for its cover. It’ll set you back about $1,148 for a twin, but La Lunas have a more than 20-year life expectancy.

      > Janet Smith



      Sleep on it

      The creative minds at Finnish design house Marimekko may be known for their splashy Unikko (poppy) pattern—one that’s adorned everything from wallpaper to dinnerware to throw pillows since its inception in 1964—but the brand’s high-contrast Kaivo print is a moodier alternative for fall. The bold, slightly psychedelic design mimics the rings that form on the surface of water when an object is dropped in—and, when incorporated into a comfy duvet set ($179.99), offers a playful place to knock out and chillax.

      Find it at EQ3 (2536 Granville Street).

      > Lucy Lau


      Moe's Home

      Back to the woods

      Rustic modern seems to be the buzz term of the moment, but actually managing to mix sleek contemporary lines with raw natural materials can be challenging. Enter Moe’s Home (1728 Glen Drive), whose wood beds practically define the style, with mod lines and rich, unembellished grains.

      We like the Boneta collection, crafted out of solid pine that almost seems to mimic an old cabin floor; iron legs give it a 2018 feel, while slats mean no box spring is necessary ($1,495 for a queen). The pine Elena is a little more streamlined and sculptured ($2,199 for a queen), while the Teigen ($1,625 for a queen) mixes new and reclaimed pine in a cool herringbone pattern.

      Be careful what else you put in the room: mix these statement urban-cottage pieces with fuzzy faux-fur ottomans and pillows, polished metal accents, and other textures. And maybe stay away from more wood in the room: it might make it feel more ski lodge than city loft.

      > Janet Smith


      Last Light

      Luxe linen

      Linen sheets are a timeworn tradition in Europe, where the classic fabric—breathable, thermoregulating, hypoallergenic, and did we forget to say chic?—trumps cotton and other materials in many people’s bedrooms. Now a Vancouver company called Last Light is bringing in a stonewashed 100-percent-linen line that’s spun in Italy and woven in Portugal.

      Go for crisp white for that straight-outta-Provence-villa vibe, but we also love the of-the-moment grey and elegant deep navy (about $82 for a set of two pillowcases to $383 for a king duvet cover, at Provide [1805 Fir Street]).

      > Janet Smith