Your horoscope for September 20 to 26, 2018

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      It is time to get it fixed, get it corrected, get it healed, or top it up. In superior conjunction on Thursday, Mercury and the sun are great for putting the finishing touches on it and for reaping the reward of a job well done. On the other hand, Mercury/sun can highlight whatever is missing or incorrect, or has not met the grade well enough. The transit is illuminating, useful, advantageous, and exposing. It paves the way for the job to be done better, for significant progress to be made.

      Friday evening, Mercury leaves Virgo for a three-week stint in Libra. The autumn equinox, which marks the sun’s entrance into Libra, happens on Saturday at 6:55 p.m. Mercury and the sun shift their priority focus from the minus, the underutilized, or the undervalued to the cash-in, plus, or surplus side. Personal relationships, money, and social matters begin a next trend.

      While love, harmony, equality, partnership, cocreation, diplomacy, and win-win are Libra’s forte, the scales can swing. The flip side features relationship imbalances, the one-sidedness of give and take, codependency and enmeshment issues—this at the personal, social, and political levels. To stay on the best side of the evaluation track, check your projected expectations at the door and practise the art of observing and listening.

      In dynamic tension (square aspect) to Saturn in Capricorn, Monday delivers a full moon in Aries (7:52 p.m. PST). If it’s well built, it’s harvest time. Otherwise, it’s a stress test, reality-check time. Either way, Monday to Wednesday sets a backdrop for breaking and/or cementing important new ground. Take your best shot.

      March 20 - April 19

      On a building trajectory over the weekend, you will feel the maximum strength of Monday’s time-has-come full moon if you are born on March 20 or near it. Whether the trigger is instinct, desire, circumstance, or someone key, expect to hit a boil-over or a breakthrough point through the first half of next week. A block, delay, or struggle is surpassed.

      April 20 - May 20

      Thursday is a good day to upgrade, improve it, clean it up, fix it, or problem-solve. Friday through Sunday, play it social, relaxed, or romantic. Monday’s full moon could initially test your patience, stamina, or self-control. Don’t react, but don’t hold back, either; take a stab at it instead. A new job or health regimen could be the start of something good.

      May 21 - June 21

      How you say it, see it, do it, or convey it—it’s an evolution, to be sure, especially so through mid–next week. Thursday through Saturday, Mercury and the sun are reading from the same page. Sunday gets off to a slow start, but as the day advances, Mercury and Mars pick up the pace. Monday/Tuesday, the full moon is in steamroller mode.

      June 21 - July 22

      You’ll feel Monday’s full moon more strongly if your birthday falls on or close to June 21. Whether it’s push come to shove, cut to the chase, or turn up the heat, it’s springboard time. Don’t waste a moment. Get on with the here, now, new, and next. Take your best shot. Despite pressure or frustration, Monday to Wednesday, faster gains can be made.

      July 22 - August 22

      Socialize Thursday/Friday. Go with your first impression or pick. Follow through on a good idea or invitation; let spontaneity steer the conversation or activity. A first try or date could strike it hot. Ease up for the weekend. Full-moon Monday through Wednesday removes a block, speeds up the process or time line, puts it/you to the test. Make it official; set it straight.

      August 22 - September 22

      Thursday’s sun/Mercury conjunction heightens your sensitivity, intuition, and creativity. Head and heart operate as one through the weekend. Whether it is a plan, a process, a purchase or relationship, you feel what you feel: own it; open up to it. Sunday is easy going. Monday/Tuesday gets you over the hump or hurdle. Get to work; push through; see quick results.

      September 22 - October 23

      Mercury enters Libra on Friday night and the sun enters Libra on Saturday. You are likely to feel these transits as a boost of energy, confidence, inspiration, social action, or creativity. Whether it is your birthday or not, you could get singled out for special attention. Monday to Wednesday are action-packed. The pressure is on. Go for it; just do it. Reward is in the making.

      October 23 - November 21

      Thursday is good for talking it out, getting a better handle on it, and getting it fixed or finished off. Get your relaxation fill and make the most of your one-on-one time, especially through Sunday. While full-moon Monday can produce a new round of pressure, for the most part you can coast or cozy up through the weekend. As of Monday, the big push is on.

      November 21 - December 21

      Thursday through Saturday, your people connections are especially good. The heart and mind stay well occupied. Someone or something special can claim your attention. An introduction or look-see could be the start of something significant. It’s a good few days for making money, too. Monday/Tuesday, it can’t wait. The full moon delivers a mix of strain, frustration, added effort, and positive gains.

      December 21 - January 19

      Thursday marks the day for correction, improvement, a meeting, decision-making, paperwork, taking a test, and connecting the dots. Mercury (Friday night) and the sun (Saturday) into Libra set you onto a next phase and a new line of thinking. Monday through Wednesday, the big push is on. The full moon prompts or forces full steam ahead.

      January 20 - February 18

      Thursday/Friday, the Aquarius moon keeps you calling the shots and going strong. Mercury and the sun into fresh sign changes keep that good trend going strong through the weekend. Monday to Wednesday speeds up the action and shortens the time line. You can do no better than to take it on and give it your best shot.

      February 18 - March 20

      Mercury/sun put you into a much better know as of Thursday. As of Friday/Saturday, both planets are on the move. You’ll see this reflected in finances, social trends, conversations, and one-on-one relating. The weekend keeps you going strong. Go by feel and you’ll hit it right. Same goes for full-moon Monday through Wednesday.


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