Metro Vancouver municipal candidates invited to annual general meeting of parents' group opposed to SOGI

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      Later today at the Bonsor Recreation Complex in Burnaby, the Christian right will be galvanizing its supporters for the October 20 local elections.

      It will take place at 3 p.m. at the Parents' Heart Association annual general meeting. It vehemently opposes the Ministry of Education's sexual orientation and gender identity policy known as SOGI.

      The nonprofit group's website defends Chilliwack trustee Barry Neufeld, who has denounced SOGI. The group's website also claims that gay web pages "want to brainwash" children into changing their gender.

      The Straight has obtained an email written by Parents' Heart Association president Karen Chan, which states that members will be able to meet municipal candidates at today's AGM in Burnaby.

      "Speakers are Karen Chan, President of Parents' Heart Association & Thomas Leung, Founding Member of Marijuana Legalization Concern Group," Chan wrote. "As Municipal
      Elections draw near, we shall also discuss strategies on grassroots mobilization for citizens to fully engage in the democratic system to elect good candidates for our next municipal governments & school boards." 

      This is one of the learning modules for SOGI, which was posted on YouTube nearly a year ago.

      Chan's email notes that a special topic at the AGM is called "Understanding Your Rights", which will be followed by these questions:

      * Now that the SOGI Policy has passed what can parents do?

      * What rights do parents have under the law & school policies?

      * What must trustees do to protect your children’s interests?

      * What can you do to keep your children safe despite the marijuana bill has become law?

      Under provincial legislation, municipal councils have the authority to ban retail cannabis stores in their communities.

      Meanwhile, a group called Culture Guard has posted a brochure on its website outlining strategies, including litigation and using the Recall and Initiative Act, for stopping SOGI. Culture Guard shares many of the views of Parents' Heart.

      "Legal action will commence once we are certain that we can fully fund the legal case," Culture Guard states. "A retainer of $250,000 is needed. Anticipated costs will be $3-5 million in total legal fees, less if the 'Initiative" is successful."