New Vancouver brothel offers prospective clients the opportunity to forget limitations and "UNLEASH"

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      A new brothel promised for Vancouver this November brings to mind some big moral questions. Among them is whether it’s wrong to treat one’s sex partner in anything other than a respectful manner.

      A company billing itself as BellaDolls is now online, advertising itself as “Western Canada’s first ‘brothel’ offering services from the world’s most alluring silicone ladies.”

      By “silicone ladies”, BellaDolls is talking about actual dolls made out of Silicone, instead of Playboy’s six most recent Playmates of the Month.

      The company’s mission statement is as follows: “Our vision is to bring you a one-of-a-kind experience with the girl of your wildest dreams”.

      It also suggests that those who are willing to pay $90 for 30 minutes, or $120 for an hour are free to push boundaries with said dolls, stating, “We offer you an experience like no other, one where YOU are in complete control” and “Forget the restrictions and limitations that comes with a real partner and UNLEASH with BellaDolls.”

      In important news for those who remember doing the walk of shame out of their local Red Hot Video outlet, the company is pledging to make sure you don’t bump into your priest, boss, or mom when entering the Bella Dolls. On its website, it states “We understand that privacy is a key concern. To ensure that we uphold the privacy of each client, the entrance and exit locations are separated.”

      It's not stated whether those that prefer the back door will be asked to use the front door when entering.

      The location, dubbed the BellaDolls Mansion, is disclosed upon booking a session with one of the dolls, descriptions of which are posted on the company’s website.

      For the curious, a variety of dolls are posted on the site, along with their “personalities”, “age”, and “functions”. Take Violet: “a Beautiful charming Girl and companion with a busty type body, beautiful exotic features and classic looks all combine...available as your dinner escort or travel date.”

      It's unclear if that means you can  take Violet to a seating at the Blue Water Cafe, the good thing--once you get past the stares of your fellow diners--that you don't have to feel uncomfortable during awkward pauses in the conversation. Or whether dinner date means you have to be content with eating cold fish and chips in bed with her at the BellaDolls Mansion, the added bonus that, no matter how many pieces of cod you stuff into her mouth and various other orifices, there will always be enough food for you.

      Violet's age, weight (70 pounds?!), and cup size are given, as is the fact she’s available for “vaginal, anal, oral, and breast sex”.

      BellaDolls comes on the heels of a similiar operation that was announced in Toronto last month, only to close down before opening thanks to online protests. The city eventually decided against issuing the company a business licence.