Shameless Resale consignment store is a shopaholic’s dream

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      You spot them from across the room. Your heart skips a beat. Your eyes widen. You start to feel sweat forming on your brow. You make a quick glance to your either side to make sure no one else has seen them. And now is your chance. Nothing can stand in your way. You make a beeline for them and they’re in your hands. Christian Louboutin. Mint condition. Crafted leather perfection. Red soles. With the box. And by some miraculous fate—in your size! Your feet were made for this moment. Your calves have never looked more sculpted. And, you can afford them. Is this a dream?

      No, it’s a consignment store—a magical place where your shopping aspirations become a reality. When we talk about some of the best feelings in the world, scoring something secondhand is surely one of them—especially if you’re a shopaholic. But even if you’ve never set foot in a consignment store before, there is a huge opportunity for you to indulge in some resale therapy. And thankfully, in Vancouver, there is no shortage of amazing spots to check out.

      If you’ve been in on the consignment secret for a while, chances are that you’ve already met Courtney Hunter. With over a decade of experience in the industry, she founded her own store, Shameless Resale (3957 Main Street), in March of this year.

      At Shameless Resale you can score beautiful pieces—and shoes!— from brands like Christian Louboutin (pictured).

      Courtney spends her time buying, selling, and authenticating, so that she can offer her customers a carefully curated selection of preloved pieces at great prices. She sources the best in brand-name women’s clothing and accessories, meaning that you can expect to find everything from lululemon to Louis Vuitton. She even has clients who are social media influencers, both locally and from L.A., meaning you can find pieces that have been worn to red carpet events.

      “We’ve got Cartier sunglasses. We’ve got a brand new Gucci belt. We’ve probably got 200 pieces from Aritzia and some are with tags on,” Courtney says. “We’re very lucky to have the selection we have. And I try to keep it rotating so that we have something for everybody. We have a lot of designer stuff but I don’t like to be exclusively just that.”

      In addition to being able to find some timeless and gorgeous items, you can also feel good in knowing that you’re supporting a local business and doing your bit for the environment as well. Talk about guilt-free shopping.

      Shameless Resale has clients who are social media influencers, both locally and from L.A., meaning you can find pieces that have been worn to red carpet events.

      During the last 10 years, Courtney has seen firsthand a shift in the mindset toward buying resale. And these days, there is a certain cache that comes with being able to say you found something fabulous in a consignment store.

      “It’s not fast fashion. It’s about respecting quality pieces,” she says.” I can’t remember the last time that I bought something new from a retail store. I really believe in recycling and respecting beautiful things by repurposing and reusing them.”

      And just because it’s secondhand doesn’t mean it’s not fashionable. With her years in the business, Courtney knows how to spot a trend. This season she says we can expect to see a lot of ‘80s inspired looks. Think leopard print, leather, dark florals, and boyfriend-style pants—all of which can be snagged in-store right now. But with new stock coming in every day, the best way to ensure you don’t miss out is to stop by.

      “We’re Shameless Resale,” says Courtney proudly. “We’re high-calibre consignment. But when we say high calibre, we mean it’s quality. We’re a curated boutique.”

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