Review: Apple Watch Series 4 is a bigger device in a smaller case

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      Since the Apple Watch was introduced back in 2015, the software and interfaces have been improved but the device itself mostly remained the same. That changes with the Series 4 model, and although the new Apple Watch has a larger display, it’s actually a smaller device. And thanks to the curved corners, it fits my wrist better than any watch before.

      I’m using it more than ever. I’m using it to monitor messages and notifications. I’m using it as an alarm clock and as a timer for subbing on soccer players.

      I’m also using it more because our family got a dog this summer. And dogs, you may not know, need to be walked. My Apple Watch helps me get up before 6 every morning so I can feed the creature, after which we go for a walk around the neighbourhood.

      That’s when the ability for the device to track my time and distance becomes essential. Because although puppies can’t walk very far, older dogs require more exercise to be healthy. Thanks to the Apple Watch, I know all of the one- and two-kilometer loops around our house.

      And if I forget to tell the watch that I’m taking an outdoor walk, the device automatically detects the activity is happening, and tracks it.

      The extra activity has got me running, too, and that’s another thing the Apple Watch helps me with: it can help me set and keep a pace.

      I’ll admit I’ve been somewhat skeptical about fitness trackers, but I do know that you will “treasure what you measure”, and simply by paying attention to the activity being monitored by my Apple Watch, I’ve been moving more and am better for it.

      Even the heart-rate monitor helps me by providing basic information about my body and its status. I’m thrilled that my resting heart rate is now at 58 bpm, where it was when I was in university too many years ago to count.

      The Series 4 Apple Watch can also detect falls, and though that’s not an issue for me yet, the fact that the sensors can monitor your status and make an emergency call on your behalf is quite something.

      I haven’t yet taken advantage of the cellular functionality that would allow me to use my Apple Watch independently of my iPhone, but that’s on my list of things to do once I get up the nerve to call my mobile provider.

      Once I’ve done that, though, I’ll be able to listen to podcasts and Apple Music through the Apple Watch, and without needing to have my iPhone with me. My dog walks are going to become even better.

      Apple Watch Series 4 comes in two case sizes, 40 mm (starting at $399 for GPS only and $499 for GPS and cellular) and 44 mm (starting at $429 for GPS only and $529 for GPS and cellular). The new watches are available now.