Your horoscope for November 22 to 28, 2018

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      American Thanksgiving produces one of the most travelled times of the year. Black Friday, an American import adopted into Canadian culture, produces one of the most lucrative shopping days of the year.

      People travelling, celebrating, shopping. Sagittarius month, beginning Thursday, gets a big kickoff not only from U.S. Thanksgiving and Black Friday but also from the full moon in Gemini. There’s plenty of talk and plenty of action, too. Perhaps we’ll feel it as too many people, too many opinions or options, and not enough substance, clarity, or truth. It could look different but still add up to the same thing. A full moon in Gemini pits the many against the one, the story or the fake news against the truth, or the left brain against the right brain. Watch your blind spot. Accidents can happen when we don’t pay close attention. Something or someone could be exposed; something lost can be found; something interrupted can be resumed.

      One week of Mercury retrograde is now out of the way, and there are two more to go. Use the transit to reconnect, revisit, and revise, but remember it isn’t the right time to go big with plans, purchases, or promises. Don’t take it at face value; don’t buy into the hype. Take extra time to observe and to feel your way along. While the full-moon peak happens late Thursday and through the nighttime, Friday is the one to watch. Don’t assume—play it safe and double-check instead. Use added caution and patience. Do not drink and drive. Keep it simple. When in doubt, let it go; cancel out.

      The end of Neptune retrograde on Saturday can produce a subtle shift, an undercurrent, or defuse recent tensions or confusion. Pay attention to signals, body language, and intuition. Monday keeps the action going strong. Tuesday is an excellent day for making the most of it.

      March 20 - April 19

      Don’t make assumptions; ask more questions, instead. Play it moment to moment; allow the process to unfold, and shift gears as the circumstance dictates. Thursday through Monday can see you get caught up in it, but there are moments when intuition and creativity kick in quite nicely. Tuesday is the best of the week to meet, talk, and plan creative projects and social activities.

      April 20 - May 20

      The full moon can sneak up on you. Spilling over into Friday, out of nothing or out of nowhere, comes something more, added, extra, or repeated. Watch for a second wind or chance. Versions, opinions, plans, or interests may not be one and the same. To each their own can be the best way to play it. Sunday/Monday, extra caretaking is needed.

      May 21 - June 21

      Thursday can start slow and steady, but as the day advances, the full moon can send it over the top. Expect to gain a late second wind. Something out of the blue could strike a chord or push a button. Friday can be something of a challenge. Don’t waste your time or money. Saturday/Sunday, go easy on it. Monday, emotions run the show.

      June 21 - July 22

      Thursday/Friday, the full moon could take you out of the loop or out of the action. On the other hand, you could find yourself swamped with too much on your plate. You can’t avoid facing the work, the crowds, the overload, or the music, but one way or another you’ll get it handled just fine. Sunday/Monday puts you back in action.

      July 22 - August 22

      One thing leads to another Thursday/Friday. Something unexpected could sidetrack you or get you thinking along new lines. Enjoy but know there’s a propensity to go too far, expect too much, or pay too much. Chill out Saturday/Sunday. Monday, there’s stuff to sort out. Right time, right place, right play; the Leo moon loans you great sway and swagger on Tuesday.

      August 22 - September 22

      You can feel stretched thin at the end of the week thanks to the full moon. Likely, it isn’t much of a surprise. Don’t push it Friday. Relax, avoid spinning wheels for nothing. You’ll get better goods out of Saturday/Sunday. Go by feel. Back-to-it Monday requires your all, but as of Tuesday, success and satisfaction are on ready dial-up.

      September 22 - October 23

      Be forewarned: on Thursday/Friday, it is easy to overspend or overdo it. Thursday to Sunday can see you find it, reclaim it, revisit it, repeat it, or go one better. Pin it on USA Thanksgiving or not, there can be reason to celebrate. Visits, news, and catch-up are a big deal. Emotions resurface Monday; people do too. Tuesday, you’ll feel pleased with results.

      October 23 - November 21

      Thursday can be slow to start and strong to finish. Friday has plenty going for it too. Let your fingers do the shopping. The best part of the day is the escape part. Use the weekend to replenish and unwind; pamper self or cater to loved ones. Monday, impulse, indulgence, or cravings run the show. Tuesday, the getting is good, perhaps even great.

      November 21 - December 21

      The full moon sets wheels in motion late Thursday and into Friday. Plans can change. Something could get lost or found. Someone could extend an invite, come clean, or deliver news. Go for the extra. A revisit, another attempt, or a second go-around could do the trick. Friday evening through Sunday, chill out. Tuesday is best for getting the show on the road.

      December 21 - January 19

      Put health and safety first; don’t let stress run the show. Thursday/Friday can take it out of you. Added work, output, expense, or travel time is in the full-moon mix. Stock up on a good deal. Allow extra time; ask more questions; keep extras on hand. Friday night through Sunday, ease up, cozy up. Tuesday, go for it.

      January 20 - February 18

      You may not know what to say or how to play it until you are in the thick of it. Thursday’s full moon ends the day and keeps on rolling through Friday. Go with the flow; if it requires too much, ditch the plan. Same goes for the weekend. Monday requires hands-on attention. Tuesday goes great.

      February 18 - March 20

      The full moon can keep you doing double time late Thursday and into Friday. An impulse or instinct could place you ahead of the game. Retrace your steps and repeat yourself, or make them tell it to you again. Uncertain? Confused? On a drain? Chill out and cozy up this weekend. Monday, aim for full steam ahead. Tuesday runs very well.


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