This is National Polyamory Day in Canada

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      This week, one of the most-read pieces on this website is a regular "Talk of the Week" item.

      Normally, these are short bits to inform readers of community events—hardly the type of article to rocket up the most-popular list.

      But in this instance, it concerned polyamory. Specifically, a presentation by author and polyamory practitioner Jenny Yuen at the Vancouver Public Library on Monday (November 26).

      She's the author of Polyamorous: Living and Loving More.

      “A lot of people I’ve talked to across Canada have different reasons for going into polyamory,” Yuen told Toronto Now reporter Michelle da Silva in February. “Some of them feel like they’ve always been polyamorous. Then there are people who came to polyamory not because something was missing out of their relationships, but more for the variety.”

      According to the Canadian Polyamory Association, "Polyamory is the practice, desire, or acceptance of having more than one intimate relationship at a time with the knowledge and consent of everyone involved." 

      The short article on Yuen's upcoming talk was written by reporter Carlito Pabo to fill a bit of extra space beside the books article in the Georgia Straight.

      Before Pablo left the office yesterday, he told me that November 23 is National Polyamory Day in Canada.

      This morning, I decided to check if this is true. Sure enough, it is.

      That's because on this day in 2011, a B.C. Supreme Court ruling concluded that Canada's antipolygamy law doesn't apply to "unformalized polyamorous households".

      Anyone interested in learning more about the subject can visit the Vanpoly website, which describes itself as a resource for people in Vancouver and the surrounding area.

      "Vancouver polyamory support and discussion groups meet regularly, sponsor and host events, and have discussion and social online forums," it states. "There are also other poly-positive groups and events planned and hosted by members (e.g. brunches, parties, picnics, retreats, field trips)."