Canadian documentary Picture This takes an honest look at sexuality and disability

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      The sexuality of people with disabilities is something that is underrepresented—or not represented at all—which can lead to people with disabilities feeling either invisible or treated like an anomaly when it comes to their sexual lives.

      However, a Toronto advocate has been raising awareness about sex and disabled people, and a Canadian film about him and his work is now available for online viewing.

      On November 19, the National Film Board of Canada (NFB) released Jari Osborne's short documentary Picture This for free online streaming. (Osborne's previous NFB documentaries include Unwanted Soldiers and Sleeping Tigers: The Asahi Baseball Story.)

      The 33-minute film profiles Toronto disability awareness consultant and podcaster Andrew Gurza, who identifies himself as a "queer cripple", as he prepares for the second edition of a sex-positive play party, which has been labelled a "handicapped orgy" by the media and garnered international coverage.

      Andrew Gurza with model
      Jessica Rae

      Gurza previously held a discussion in Vancouver in 2016, in conjunction with Vancouver queer organization Health Initiative for Men, that was filmed for and is featured in the documentary.

      Among the topics Gurza discusses in the documentary, he describes the awkwardness and discomfort he has witnessed potential sex partners have been unable to hide (not to mention his own heartbreak) once they find out he is disabled. In addition, he also talks about the challenges of being both gay and disabled.

      Picture This can be viewed below, or at the NFB website, and is also available on iTunes and Amazon.  

      Picture This, Jari Osborne, provided by the National Film Board of Canada