Video Game Review: Psychedelic We Happy Few explores memory and reconciliation

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      We Happy Few, available for PS4, Windows, and Xbox One, is a game about memory. This is an overt fact of the premise as well as an intriguing metaphor for today's culture that desperately seeks reconciliation. 

      Steeped in the history—and mythology—of Britain, you become a citizen in a society that has collectively decided to avoid dealing with the discomfort that comes from the consequences of poor decisions.

      In the story, this happens with an Orwellian government that is forcing the citizenry to take drugs to be content. 

      A third-person exploration-and-action experience, you uncover the real history as you move around the region, trying to find the brother you forgot you had. Along the way, you must avoid directly confronting the establishment while you try to determine where allies may be, and how they can help you. 

      The developer of We Happy Few, Quebec's Compulsion Games, previously explored the darker side of humanity in its game Contrast. While that title explored personal and more intimate transgressions, here the stakes are much bigger. 

      Nothing less than the soul of society itself.