Not everyone is filled with holiday cheer at the sight of the White House's blood-red Christmas "cones of death"

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      Earlier this week, First Lady Melania Trump took to Twitter (it's a Trump thing) to reveal this year's White House Christmas décor, which she reportedly spent months planning. 

      Reaction has been... mixed. Drawing the most criticism are the red Christmas trees that line one corridor. They're actually made of holly berries (well, probably fake ones, because real ones wouldn't stay fresh until after the holidays), but they remind some of Stanley Kubrick's The Shining, in particular the scene where blood pours out of the walls.

      Over at io9, Beth Elderkin provided the following colourful description:

      We’re in the maws of a darkened cavern where thousands of innocent souls have been swallowed whole, their innards slowly dripping down over millions of years to form red, bloody stalagmites. Can you imagine walking down that hallway and not instantly feeling like those cones of death are filled with the dozens of people who’ve quit or been fired from the White House in the past two years alone? That hallway isn’t a festive treat. It’s a graveyard.

      True to form, the FLOTUS doesn't give a shit what the peasants think. 

      “We are in 21st Century and everybody has a different taste,” she said at an event at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia, on Wednesday. “I think they look fantastic. I hope everybody will come over and visit it. In real life, they look even more beautiful. You are all welcome to visit the White House, the people’s house.”

      Meanwhile in Canada, the prime minister's official residence at 24 Sussex Drive in Ottawa is such a rodent-infested, asbestos-filled craphole that Justin Trudeau refuses to even live there, let alone decorate it for the holidays.