A kid's review: The Sims 4 gives players lots to do and explore

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      I’ve never been much into pure simulation games, preferring shooter and action experiences. But my daughter, 11-year-old Sadie, is smitten with the Sims and has been playing The Sims 4 regularly for more than a year. I’ve watched her create characters complete with detailed backstories. She’s constructed homes and agonized over her interior-design choices. But rather than me try and capture what she finds so compelling, I asked her to do it instead.

      The Sims 4 is an amazing game with lots to do and explore: Creating sims, giving them a house and a job and a life with relationships, good or bad. And you get to control all of that.

      The expansion packs I totally suggest getting are Seasons, which allows you to have seasons which your sims can interact with, a calendar that tells you holidays and your sims’ birthday. It also allows you to create holidays and celebrations. There are also lots of new emotions, communications, furniture, and clothes.

      Another expansion is Cats and Dogs. This one allows you to have pets and vets! You can adopt, too! It also comes with a different world you can make the home of your sims. And this pack also comes with lots of new emotions and other props, like clothes and furniture.

      Last but not least is the expansion City Living, and you can have your sims living in apartments. There’s another new world, too, a city with different districts to be in. You can socialize with your neighbours and host parties with your roommates! There are also festivals that happen in the different districts, like the Spice Festival, the Romance Festival, flea markets, and the Hummer and Hijinks Festival! All are really fun.

      If there was one thing I’d like to have it would be more worlds to live in.

      But I totally recommend The Sims 4. It is a great game. It’s fun and exciting to play!

      The Sims 4 is available from Electronic Arts for macOS, PS4, Windows, and Xbox One. The latest expansion pack is Get Famous, which introduces acting as a career and is available—for now—only on macOS and Windows.