Photos: A bit of snow didn't dampen spirits at Chinatown parade and LunarFest celebrations for Year of the Pig

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      For the 46th year, the streets and sidewalks of Vancouver's Chinatown were filled with folks eager to celebrate the Lunar New Year.

      The Spring Festival Parade attracted a huge crowd—and many politicians—to welcome the Year of the Pig with lion dances, fire crackers, and red envelopes carrying lucky money.

      Meanwhile over on the north side of the Vancouver Art Gallery, LunarFest was in full swing with displays from several countries, including Mauritius and Slovakia, of all places.

      One of the highlights was Taiwanese artist Lu Yen-chun's display of "pig heroes".

      The pig is the 12th animal in the Chinese zodiac, and it's a symbol of wealth. Those born in this year can expect good fortune in their lives.

      LunarFest was held inside heated sheds, shielding people from the bitter cold.

      But those who attended the parade weren't so luckly. Fortunately, the snow didn't start falling until the early afternoon when things were winding down.

      Below, you can see some images being passed around on social media: