Things to consider when you’re buying a new home

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      What makes a house a home? It’s one of the biggest financial investments you’ll ever make, but there’s more to buying a new home than money. After all, it’s within your domestic surroundings that you enjoy life’s most precious moments. Your home is a private refuge where you can escape the outside world and be your true self.

      When it comes to real estate, many Vancouverites are choosing to move outside of the city core to have closer proximity to nature’s playground and benefit from more space. Brody Development Group has been building superior homes on the North Shore for 40 years. Its latest project, , is a collection of 23 beautiful townhouses located in Lynnmour. This is their third development in the area, which is quickly becoming a vibrant community for young professionals, families, and outdoor enthusiasts alike.

      Brianne Brody, real-estate development manager at Brody Development, recognizes that building properties is so much more than bricks and mortar—it’s about creating a lifestyle. Below, she shares some of the most important things to consider when you’re buying a new home.

      Location, location, location

      It’s the mantra of real estate agents everywhere, and with good reason. The location of your property has a huge impact on your lifestyle, so it’s key to know what matters most to you. Research the surrounding amenities. If you have a family, look into the local schools. Time the commute to your office and weigh that against having easier access to the outdoors and a neighbourhood that matches your lifestyle.

      Brody Development Group

      provides homeowners with a limitless backyard. It is conveniently situated on a quiet cul-de-sac linked to Digger & Interriver Parks, Lynn Canyon, bike trails, and off-leash dog walks. Yet it is a short walk to the newly designed Lynn Creek Town Centre, where homeowners will enjoy a new community centre, coffee shops, local artisan stores, and a true community feel. Those who work in downtown Vancouver have easy access to Highway 1 and can be in the city centre in 15 minutes.

       “The entire community is flourishing with young families,” says Brody. “It will be really nice for owners to have the convenience of the new, vibrant town centre yet be removed from the hub so you’re not among the traffic and noise. It’s that life balance—very much the best of both worlds.”

      Usable living space

      The concept might seem out of this world to city dwellers, but one of the perks of moving outside the city is having access to more space, both inside and out. Having the room to live your life more comfortably and a home that can accommodate a growing family over the years is a real asset. While many newly built properties offer open-plan living, storage space is often overlooked, but that’s a mistake. It’s amazing how quickly a home can start to look cluttered and small when you start bringing in your stuff. That’s why at Continuum select floorplans offer dedicated storage closets on each floor in addition to custom shelving in all closets.

      Brody Development Group

      Each townhouse also comes with an oversized two-car garage. Being able to enjoy the great outdoors is likely a priority, but that means a lot of gear. Big gear. While skis, bikes, tents, and paddleboards are all wonderful when you’re outside, they are far less fun when you are trying to incorporate them into your interior design. So having a place to store them when they are not in use is crucial. Space is a premium in a townhome and making the most of outdoor space is a key design feature of Continuum. Private rooftop terraces provide a quiet and safe area to play or entertain and a refuge to escape, star gaze, and enjoy the fresh air.

      Brody Development Group

      The value is in the details

      There’s a security in buying a new build because you know that it incorporates the most current building standards and the most up-to-date sustainability features. You also have less hidden costs like renovations, maintenance, and repair fees that come with buying an older home.  And it’s the seemingly small details that can actually make a significant difference to your everyday life.

      “We, as a company, want to make sure we are building a home with comfort, energy efficiency, and health in mind,” says Brody.

      Brody Development Group

      One of Continuum’s best features is programmable interior climate control providing continuous comfort. An air source heat pump both heats and cools the home meaning you have air conditioning in the summer months. And since this energy-efficient system works by transferring heat instead of converting fuel like a traditional system, homeowners can benefit from energy and cost savings.

      Homes have hot water on demand units, which heats only what you use and means you never run out of hot water. Each townhouse also comes with a heat-recovery ventilator (HRV) that purifies air and improves the air quality of the home by pulling fresh air from the outside and extracting pollutants and toxins from inside the home.

      At Continuum, every detail has been considered. The use of drawers as opposed to cupboards wherever possible allows for easy access to your things. The spacious kitchen has a wall oven, natural gas cooking and built-in microwave to really make the most out of the space. EV outlets for charging electric cars come standard in each garage.

      Are you in it for the long haul?

      It’s sensible to consider how long you plan to live in a property. Ask yourself if the house has room for you and your family to grow. People spend years in a home, so having a timeless style, smart use of space and offering the best in sustainability features is becoming more crucial—factors that Brody Development recognizes in every build.

       “We are always aiming to be as green as possible in our building, use clean energy and design homes for comfort,” says Brody.

      Today’s real estate market is forcing buyers to redefine the family home and question the need for space. Townhomes are the new single family home.

      “These are not basic homes,” adds Brody. “They have space, they have storage, they have outdoor living, they have sustainable design features they have limitless features of convenience. Continuum is the forever townhome. It will fit you for whatever phase of life you’re in.”

      The estimated completion date for Continuum is winter 2019/20, and there are only eight homes remaining. For plans, pricing, and to learn more call 778-729-1202 or visit the . Go to the and enter to win one of two North Vancouver prize packs valued at $250.