Succulents tip sheet: our favourite echeverias and haworthias for indoor plants

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      Different types of succulents have a lot in common: they store water in their leaves and they don’t need a lot of hydration. But they come in just about every imaginable shape and size, from plants that look straight out of an alien sci-fi-scape to serene pastel rosettes. A surprising number are available at your local hardware store or garden centre. Here is a primer.


      Instantly recognizable for their rosette leaf patterns, they come in a range of aesthetically pleasing hues, from a powdery lavender to lime or silver green. Our favourites are the Black Prince variety, with its deep black-violet foliage.

      The jelly-bean plant, a sedum



      While you might have bigger versions of sedum outdoors in your garden, there are countless indoor-friendly types that bring eye-catching texture and colour to a room. Our hands-down favourite is the evocatively named jelly-bean plant, with its adorable red-tipped, shiny, rounded leaves.


      Hens and Chicks

      Hens and Chicks

      A type of sempervivum, these tiny rosettes (shown here) are so named because of the cute, globe-shaped “babies” that spread from the “mother”. They grow well in rock gardens, but they’re just as happy sprouting from a container inside. We like them in burgundy-green hues.

      The zebra plant, a haworthia



      Spiky and dark green, these easy-care plants are often covered with cool stripes or dots; the self-explanatory “zebra” variety is one of the most popular.