More than 20 paper-made couture gowns now on display at Oakridge Centre

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      Two dozen beautiful dresses are currently on display at Oakridge Centre—some may not even notice these one-of-a-kind fashion pieces are made with recyclable material.

      The sixth annual Paper Couture exhibition features 24 paper-made gowns handcrafted by students enrolled in the Design Formation program at Langara College, which will be on display until May 12.

      Each of the impressive pieces are made with various paper materials, including white and brown paper, tissue, paper twine, coffee filters, cardboard, and more. Tapes, glue, spray paint, adhesives, string, and thumbtacks were also used for the creations.

      The students drew inspiration from renowned fashion designers for this demanding project, including Versace, Alexander McQueen, Paolo Sebastian, Dior, Gucci, Zhang Zhifeng for Ne Tiger, and the late Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel.

      Design students at Langara College created these gowns in four weeks.
      Jon Benjamin Photography

      Only four weeks and 16 class hours were given to the design students to research, design, and re-create an original piece using limited paper supplies.

      “The students experiment and explore couture fashion history, and they problem solve to find solutions and techniques to work with a variety of everyday and common materials to re-create these haute couture gowns as paper sculptures,’ said Kevin Smith, Design Formation Program Instructor at Langara, in a press statement.

      “I am continually impressed at how innovative, willing and adventurous the students are with the simple resources that they have to work with, and how well they can manipulate these materials to meet the desired effect. Their attention to detail is phenomenal and the dresses are truly works of art.”

      Scroll through the photos below for a look at the impressive gowns.

      Jon Benjamin Photography


      Jon Benjamin Photography


      Jon Benjamin Photography


      Jon Benjamin Photography


      The Paper Couture exhibition is on display at Oakridge Centre's East Galleria until May 15.

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