Vancouver trans activist Joshua M. Ferguson to discuss memoir Me, Myself, They: Life Beyond the Binary

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      Numerous titles and identifiers can apply to Vancouver’s Joshua M. Ferguson, whether it’s director, producer, writer, PhD graduate, or advocate.

      There’s one more identity that Ferguson has fought to have legally recognized in Canada.

      As a non-binary trans person, Ferguson has been one of the Canadians leading the charge to change gender designations on government-issued identification to become more inclusive.

      In August 2017, Ferguson became the first Canadian to have an X designation (for non-binary) approved on a Canadian passport.

      Ferguson also filed a B.C. human-rights complaint in October 2017 after being rejected for a non-binary designation on their B.C. Healthcare card and driver’s license.

      In May 2018, the Brantford-born Ferguson received Ontario’s first non-binary birth certificate, featuring an X designation.

      Identity is a central theme in Ferguson’s memoir, which was released on May 7 and a Vancouver book launch will be held at 6 p.m. tomorrow (May 16) at Indigo Granville (2505 Granville Street).

      In Me, Myself, They: Life Beyond the Binary, Ferguson chronicles a life trajectory from enduring and surviving gender-conversion therapy, bullying, depression, sexual assault, and physical violence to self-acceptance and empathy.

      Ferguson will participate in a discussion, moderated by Project Blue Book actor Laura Mennell, which will be followed a book signing.

      As a filmmaker who works with producing and life partner Florian Halbedl, Ferguson develops, produces, and directs film, including the 2013 short “Whispers of Life”, about anti–LGBT bullying and suicide intervention; the 2016 short “Limina”, about a gender-curious child who transforms a village with kindness; and an upcoming short film “Henry’s Heart”, about an elderly man who reflects upon past loves after a near-death experience.

      Aforthcoming documentary feature, They Are Joshua, will further explore Ferguson's life story.

      They Are Joshua