The hunt is on for $100,000 treasure chests buried in Vancouver, Calgary, and Edmonton

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      Somewhere in Vancouver is $100,000 that’s yours for the taking.

      It’s hidden in a treasure chest, naturally.

      A company called Gold Hunt has stashed its gold and silver in equal amounts in three Canadian cities. In addition to Vancouver, chests are apparently buried in Calgary and Edmonton as well.

      “We’ve all had fantasies about finding treasure,” reads a Facebook post by the group. “The thrill of getting another step closer, the prospect of finding that coveted ‘X’ on the land, and the final moment where your shovel strikes the mystery object in the ground!”

      Gold Hunt’s website explains how one might find it.

      You won’t have to kill a rival pirate to get your hands on a map. For this hunt, they sell for $25 each.

      A package of five clues goes for another $20. Additional clues cost $7 after that.

      “There are limited maps available, so get yours now before they're all gone,” the website reads.

      Once purchased, the maps will all be delivered simultaneously on June 1 at 12:01 a.m.

      “Follow our adventure using the hashtag #goldhunt and get extra chances to find the buried treasure along your journey!” an Instagram post adds.