3 rockin' Cult tunes to get you psyched for Sunday's gig

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      Back in the seventies we used to refer to underrated hard-rockers Blue Öyster Cult as "the Cult". It saved time when you were cruising the Chilliwack strip in your high-school buddy's jacked-up Dodge Dart, poring through his eight-track collection, saying, "Hey, got any Cult in here?"

      Then, at some point in the '80s, there was a new Cult in town. They were never as great as the Blue Öyster kind, but they sold a shitload of records with titles like Love, Electric, and Sonic Temple

      The band's still at it, with singer Ian Astbury and guitarist Billy Duffy bringing the latest incarnation to the Vogue Theatre this Sunday (June 9). 

      In case you forgot about them, here's a three-song reminder. All of these tunes made the setlist when the Cult played the Club Regent Casino in Winnipeg last night, so there's a decent chance they'll make the cut Sunday as well. Let the good riffs roll, people.