Comedian Yumi Nagashima's solution for dealing with Vancouver's creepy white men

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      If you’re an Asian female (or a male gaysian) living in Vancouver, you’ve undoubtedly had to contend with being hit on by some creepy white dude.

      Even worse is the creepy white guy you can't shake because he doesn’t take no for an answer and doesn’t pick up on cues that you’re not interested in him at all. Argh.

      To the rescue is Vancouver-based comedian Yumi Nagashima, who was the Georgia Straight’s cover star in March and is headlining the Comic Strip at Tyrant Studios tomorrow (June 8) in Vancouver.

      Nagashima, who moved from Tokyo to Vancouver, has a solution for this thorny problem and talked about it in this video below from the Winnipeg Comedy Festival. 

      Try it out in real life and see if it works for you.

      With such jokes, Nagashima is smashing the stereotype of the submissive, silent, and subservient Japanese female.  

      For more on Nagashima and how she became a comedian in Vancouver, see this Georgia Straight cover story by white man Mike Usinger.

      And if any of this makes you feel fragile, there's now a Straight Pride parade for you.